Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2, 2015 High Wind, Nothing Getting’ Done

(Show Low, AZ)

Well, it was windy today.  Again.  Nothing was getting done outside, that’s for sure.
So what does one do when you can’t get outside?  One, or two, go shopping of course.  So off to town we went.  Bob had written down the directions on how to get where we wanted to go and of course we walked out the door without them.  In hindsight we should have turned around and gotten them because we went to town by the loonnngggg way!

We finally had to stop and ask directions because we just didn’t know where we were and the GPS was in the truck, not the car.  Luckily, the person we saw outside their home was on her way to town and told us to just follow her.

Town found we decided to head to Walmart for, you guessed it, beer and Pepsi’s.  By the way, long time readers know I’m a Pepsiholic and I have something to tell you.  I’m limiting myself to one Pepsi a day and sometimes I go two or three days without one at all.  The Pepsi-Cola company will surely be wondering why sales went down. 

We were shocked when we got to the Walmart.  We spent several passes up and down the parking lot aisles looking for a parking place.  We both remarked about how crowded it was.  Why(?) we wondered.  You would have thought it was the day before Christmas.

Inside the store it was a zoo!  So many people and the shelves were emptying fast.  What was going on?  Curiosity got the best of me and I asked a produce man why this store was so busy.  His reply?  “Today is Saturday and yesterday was the 1st of the month.  Welfare checks hit and the Indian reservations paid yesterday also.  And let’s not forget social security checks and pension checks for those that get them.  THAT is why this store is so busy.”  We made a mental note to stay away on the first weekend of the month.

I forgot to tell you about our arrival here in Show Low.  When I went into the main office to sign in and get our mailbox key etc., the young lady behind the desk welcomed us warmly, gave us a thick folder on all kinds info about the park, our mailbox key, the code for the gate and proceeded to check her list and tell us we were in Lot #230 on Boogie Loop,  Boogie Loop?  I thanked her and we returned to our vehicles.  Once outside I looked at Bob and said, “Boogie Loop?  I don’t want to live on Boogie Loop.”  On the way to our site we passed Clubhouse Drive, Fairway Lane and turned left on Par Circle.  Golf terms all.  We came to our street….. BOGEY  LOOP!  Bogey in golf is one over par.  We’re glad we’re living on Bogey Loop!

Since we took the long way to town and Walmart was so slow going because of the of crowd we decided to eat in town.  Our first restaurant meal in Show Low was at the Cattlemen's Steakhouse.  What a good meal.  Besides the delicious dinner we had we noticed something we had never seen in any other restaurant before.  When the busboy cleared the table he not only wiped off the tabletop but the chair seat, the chair back and the chair legs.  Every single table got the same treatment.  Have you ever seen this before?

When we got home we went right in because the wind was whipping around pretty good.

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