Friday, May 22, 2015

5/22/15 The Season’s First Dance

(Show Low, AZ)

At noon today, the new couple, Dana and Judy and the two of us set up the tables and chairs for the first dance of the season tonight.  I hadn’t really paid attention to the schedule and was surprised to find out the dance was from six o’clock to eight o’clock.  Six to eight???  I soon found out why.

This is an older park.  I don’t mean the park itself, I mean the people.  I am without a doubt, one of the youngest person in the park at sixty-one.  I was told by our Activities Director, Sandy, that most of the people would be gone by seven.  She wasn’t kidding either.  Seven o’clock came and the place pretty much cleared out.  Oh, what have we gotten ourselves into????

I kinda have to blame the duo who was singing,  It was like everything was in slow speed.  Several people came up to us and said that they were slow and it wasn’t just us thinking so.

Eight o’clock the dance was over and since it was so early the four of us stayed on to  set up for the Monday Morning Coffee.

We’re off for the weekend.  We are now free to sit inside out of the wind.

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