Friday, December 14, 2007

12/13/07 Our Workweek Begins

It's back to work for us again today. Today's assignments included setting up for Bingo tonite. After tables and chairs were put in place we were pretty much done for the day.

While I was in the Oasis I watched a class taking place. Perhaps some of you will remember a fellow on PBS TV that talked in a very soft voice, all the while painting a picture of scenery from start to finish right before your eyes all in the time period of his show. Well, today, park residents had the opportunity to paint their own desert scene from start to finish. It was amazing to watch! None of these "artists" had painted before! (With the exception of one gentleman who had taken this class before.)

A blank canvas.

These blue blobs will soon be sky!

Marlene, so intent on what she is doing!

Pretty clouds...

Time to paint in the mountains.

Vegetation and sand gets added.

And the final touch,,,,the Cactus!

I had to laugh when one of the ladies said her cactus looked just like a giant Menorah!

Bob had to pick up a few more things for the light display and I went shopping in Penny's! Finally! Another store other than Walmart! I brought home a new bathroom rug and 2 pairs of jeans.

We had to report back to work at 6 pm for Bingo. We had to make the popcorn, get the ice cream dished out for root beer floats and a few other little tasks. Quiet time for us was 7pm so I got to watch Survivor on the TV in the Cantina and then we got busy for a very few short minutes during the Bingo intermission. It didn't take much time at all to clean up and head on home.

Here's what all of Bob's hard work on the light display looks like.

Bob has gotten a lot of flak from the guys in the park. He's hearing, "Do you know how much trouble YOU got me into with my wife? She wants me to put up lights after seeing yours!"

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Geraldine Young said...

looks awesome, he really did a lot of work. Feel sorry for the other guys..