Monday, December 17, 2007

12/16/07 Gone but Not Forgotten

We've reached the one year anniversary of losing our little furkid, Shag. Although a day doesn't go by that I don't think of her, even if for only a fleeting moment, she has been on my mind a lot these past few days. Oh how I wish she could have had more time with us as we live full time in our RV. She did enjoy camping so much. If I could have one more day with her I'd spend it taking her for a long drive in the truck so she could hang her head out the window and feel the breeze in her fur. We would play our special game of hide and seek that she loved to play. I'd lay her on the bed with me and give her a good tummy rub. If only I could have one more day. I miss her so much, as does Bob. I'd give her an extra treat or maybe even two extra treats. I'd have her sit in the chair with me and scratch behind her ears as we watched TV. We would sit outside and quietly watch the world go by. I'd see her look up at me every once in awhile to make sure I was still there. I'd gladly have her follow me from room to room as I went about my day. .......if I only had one more day. Instead, I know that she is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and until then we'll remember her daily with love.

The daytime hours brought laundry chores. Luckily, I hit the laundry room when it wasn't too busy and I was able to get dryers with minutes still left on them so drying didn't cost nearly as much as it could have. Back at the house Bob puttered around doing this and that.

At five we attended the Workamper's Dinner that the park manager Jeannie and her husband put on for us. After dinner there was a band who played for us and we danced. Bob and I cut out a little early because tonight was the Survivor finale. I couldn't watch all season and not see who won could I?

Our friends, Bobby and Shelly from Delaware have arrived in Arizona. They are staying in a park eight miles from us until they move on up to Mesa to their winter park. We'll be seeing them lots this week.

That's about it for today. Oh yeah, one more thing, we did manage to get up into the mid 60's today and there was no wind. A pleasant day to say the least.


Anonymous said...


I know how you feel about the loss of your puppy. I still miss both of my cocker spaniels! I had to put the last one down not too long after Bill passed. Shag is up there with Freckles and Joe Cocker. They are probably playing fetch with Bill!

Love ya.

dreamjosie said...

It was so sad to read your thoughts about Shag, a year after losing her. I understand completely. You obviously loved her very much. She sounds really special. I hope your pain lessens.

Merry Christmas,

Jo Wishnie