Thursday, December 27, 2007

12/27/07 It's Still Frigid in the Grand Canyon State

We didn't sign up for this cold weather! On the top of the cold temps it's very windy today. We keep telling ourselves its winter that's its supposed to be cold but that just doesn't cut it. We're in ARIZONA because we thought it would be warm here,,,,,all the time! I guess it could be worse,we could be in ALASKA!

Today we worked but our work was taken care of in short order. We reported to the Oasis where our activities office is and just talked with the others for the first hour. Our job today was to set up the Carnaval Room for Bingo tonight but there was a dance class scheduled so we had to wait for that to finish before we could go in and set up tables and chairs. It didn't take long for four of us to get it ready. Next assignment was to take an inventory of the sodas and ice cream on hand to make sure we had enough to sell during the break in Bingo. That didn't take long either. By eleven we were done for the morning and went to lunch. This afternoon brought collecting cans from the recycle bins for Bob and Lee, our friend and fellow workamper, and then we cleaned out a storage cabinet in the kitchen.

Tonight we went back to work at 6:30 for our shift in the Bingo hall. We were supposed to make popcorn but the machine bit the dust so we ended up just selling sodas and root beer floats.

That was our work week such as it is.

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