Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Bob and I would like to wish you and yours a very


We started our morning helping the Activities staff get ready for the Christmas dinner we'll enjoy this afternoon. Turkeys and hams had to readied for the roasters, gravy made, salt and pepper shakers set out on the tables and the list goes on. There's a lot to do when over one hundred and thirty people are coming for dinner!

When we arrived several ladies were busy decorating their dinner tables with snowmen and Santa's and pretty pointsettia's. A prize will be given for the prettiest table decorations.

Speaking of prizes, today will be the day we find out if all of Bob's hard work on our site decorations will win him first prize. We have some competition but we're keeping our fingers crossed. Even if our name isn't called we know the winter residents enjoyed seeing our site and that is "prize" enough. We've had so many nice comments on the lights. In case you've forgotten what it looks like I'll post one of the pictures here again.

I'll finish this later as it now time to get ready for dinner.
It's several hours later now and we're stuffed! Oh, the food, Oh, the calories! Once again everyone outdid themselves on the dishes they brought to share. Shame on anyone who went home hungry tonight.

As soon as we all arrived the first order of business was to present Bruce, our activity director, the gift the Activities staff pitched in and gave him and Deann. Unfortunately, Deann is under the weather and didn't get to join in the Christmas festivities. He was quite surprised when he opened our card. We told him to take the cash gift and get him and Deann out of here for a few days. They are so dedicated and put in so many hours, they need a break.

Now it was time to get down to work. The turkeys and hams were done and needed to be carved. Once again Bob pulled carving duty. Here he is working with Richard, one of our workamping friends.
Turkeys and hams were being carved all over the place, on any flat surface. Here's Robin U. hard at work with her electric knife.

Looks like Bud can't wait to sit down and eat!
The tables were all decorated by this time and were just beautiful and festive.
With dinner almost done Bruce took to the stage to make some announcements and award some prizes.

First was the table decorating contest. Next came the site decorating. It was divided in to two catagories, park models and Rv's. Park models are units that are stationary. They aren't towed but are permanent winter homes for those who own them. The honorable mentions were announced for the park models and then the RV's. Next the winner for the park model was announced. Now came the time we were waiting for. Did our site have what it was going to take to win this? YES! Bob won! I think the audience totally agreed with the decision by the sound of the applause when it was announced. Bob graciously donated the winnings of $50.00 to the Activities Fund to go towards the luau we'll have in March. There was a very nice message in the card from the owners of Quail Run RV Resort.
So once again, Bob and I want to wish you joy in this Christmas season.

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