Saturday, December 15, 2007

12/14/07 Some Very Tiny Entertainers

First thing this morning we had to tear down the bingo tables and set up eighty chairs for a concert we'll have later this morning.

That done, Bob and I headed out to the miniature golf course for our weekly game.

Long pants and jackets are the attire for today because it got down in the 30's last night and it was still a bit chilly this morning at nine when we play. My partner, Gary, and I didn't have a good game at all. When we started this game we were in second place, I believe we've fallen to sixth or seventh. The way we were playing the holes could have been three feet across and we still would have missed them! Oh well, there's always next week.

At ten o'clock we had some little visitors come to the park. The local pre-school puts on a Christmas show for their families and they came to us this morning for a practice session before the big production.

Take note of the little guy, third from the left, in the picture above. This fella never stood still! In the picture below you can see he is still in motion.

The little boy in this picture was mad because he wanted to stand on the stage rather than the floor. This was his way of showing his displeasure!

There was one point in the concert that their leader asked all of us in the audience to join in and the next thing you know we're singing and the kids are quiet and just listening to us!

Now I'm sure at one time or another you've all experienced "bed head". Well, here is what "elf hat head" looks like.

These little kids were a joy to watch but I sure was glad when left! That many kids, that age, are NOISY!

The setting up of the chairs was the extent of our workday. I love it!

We went grocery shopping this afternoon so the pantry is filled for a few days more and the freezer is stuffed full.

That was pretty much our day.

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Geraldine Young said...

was a substitute teacher for a kindergarten class once. the key word here is once..