Sunday, December 30, 2007

12/29/07 We Sure Don't Need This!

Today brought us sunny skies and its starting to warm up a bit. We're not out of long pants and sweatshirts yet but we did lose the jackets.

Bob went to Lowe's late this afternoon to get something to store all the new to us this year Christmas lights that were used to decorate the rig. He wasn't gone long. In fact, he wasn't gone long enough to have made it to Lowe's. When I saw the look on his face I knew something was wrong. The check engine light came on in the truck and in Bob's words, "It's running like S_ _ _!" He turned around as soon as he knew there was a problem and now we have to have it towed to the local Ford dealer. In fact, they'll have to bring in a flatbed truck since we can't be towed in the conventional sense. Since it was so late in the day when this happened we have to wait until Monday now before we can get anything done.

This couldn't have happened at a worse time! I have food shopping to do for New Year's Eve, I NEED to get my nails done before the big night and we just have general errands to do like getting to Goodwill before they close on the 31st.

We have a roadside service plan through Good Sam and wouldn't you know it expires on Monday. At least we're covered for this. We weren't going to renew it until the end of March or early April when we're back on the road again. I think this incident has changed our minds about that, we'll keep it in force year round now. We had it mainly in case we had a problem with the 5th wheel and it had to be towed but now that the truck has to flat bedded to a service facility we see the advantage of having it.

This evening, after dinner, I went to the Cantina to work on the latest puzzle because nothing on TV interested me. Bob can always find something to pass his time with. As long as Discovery Channel or the History channel is one he's content.

So here we sit without wheels. We have to find out if a rental car is included with our policy and if not a rental car is in our future. We just can't be without transportation.
The sad part is we had a really cool day trip planned for tomorrow and now that is scrapped.....for the time being anyway.

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