Saturday, December 8, 2007

12/8/07 Busy Day in the Park

A busy day here in Quail Run. We had something going on morning, noon and night.

At eight o'clock this morning Quail Run's first of two Craft Sales took place. Thirty tables were rented by residents and people from the community to sell there wares.

Some sold jewelry they made....

Some sold their paintings and photography.....

Others sold their handcrafted treasures such as woven topped stools/shelves and hot pads. See the Santa's off to the right, they are actually gourds!

One lady brought sculpture made from white clay that she and her husband make. I listened as she explained to a customer what all went into just making one sculpture and here she had a whole tableful. Lots of hours and work went into these and they were very reasonably priced considering the effort it took.

Here's a closeup of one piece. It sold for $25.00
What's a craft sale without wooden pieces?
My favorite item for sale in the whole room is the following. I think these are just the cutest things.
Potted Pants!

My job during the craft sale was to man the Quail Run table that had t-shirts, polo shirts and hats for sale for two hours. I sold two hats. One to Bob to add to his hat collection and one to Bruce, the Activities Director. I could have sold t-shirts and some polo shirts had we had them in medium and large sizes. The stock we had was leftover from last year which left only smalls, X-larges and 2X-larges.

When Bob took his hat home, so he wouldn't have to carry it around, he found our bathroom floor and throw rug wet. A leak! He came back to the Carnaval Room to let me know what was going on and then immediately left to start work on finding out what was wrong. I had to stay because I was scheduled to work on the next event. If the truth be told it was probably better that Bob could work on this himself without me around asking questions he had no answers for until he could take things apart and find out the source of the water.

By noon the craft sale was done and it was now time for the next event. Lunch was being offered for $4.00 to park residents and those craft sale vendors/patrons who wanted to stay. We were serving Stewp! Now this was a new term to me when I first heard it and didn't have a clue what it was. This particular Stewp was made of turkey, rice, carrots, onions, celery and I believe leftover gravy from Thanksgiving. All mixed together it was too thick to be soup and too liquid to be stew....therefore it was STEWP! In addition we served small sandwiches, a large cookie and lemonade. Quite few were there for lunch and my job was to be a floater, to help out wherever help was needed. As it turns out I was tasked with standing by the outside door to make sure people went to the other side of the room to hand in their lunch tickets or to purchase them if they didn't already have them. Certainly an easy job. The Stewp was a huge success and everyone liked it.

By one thirty I was able to get away to go home to see if I could help Bob or at least find out the status of our water problem. Luckily, by the time I had gotten there Bob had everything under control and problem was fixed. It had something to do with our pressure relief valve. Fans and space heaters were set up to speed up the drying of the floor under the bathroom vanity and the floor below it where all the pipes are located. Thanks heavens he went home when he did. Can you imagine if we had been away for the day and that water had been running? I shudder to even think about it!

In the later afternoon we both put in some computer time and had a dinner of French Bread pizzas before we had to head back up to the Carnaval Room for the evening entertainment.

We are "strongly encouraged" to take part in all park activities since we are, after all, a part of the Activities department. Tonight's entertainment might be one we would otherwise skip. Boy, are we glad we went!

We were entertained by a singing duo named Ron and Opal, also known as the "Sweethearts of Branson". They put on a two hour show of country/gospel singing. When in Branson they work out of the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans theatre. In addition to singing Ron also played the accoustic guitar, the steel guitar and an accordian. They told stories and jokes and sang funny songs that had us laughing out loud. They were truly a joy to listen to. When not performing in Branson they spend their time traveling in their motorhome from RV park to RV park to RV rallies and individual churches to entertain. So RV'ers, if you are ever at a park and they are scheduled to entertain make sure you take in their show, you won't be sorry.

We made our way back to the rig a little after nine and settled in for the night.

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