Friday, February 6, 2009

2/6/09 Happy Anniversary to US!

Ahhh,,,,its that time year again, the time that Bob and I celebrate that day way back in 81 when we woke up one morning (oops, guess that gives away that we used to have sleep overs before we married, awww heck, who am I kidding, we lived together!) and said, "We only have a few more days left that the license is good for, it's Friday, let's take off today for a long weekend and get married". Hey, why not, I didn't feel like going to work anyway. So that's what we did. We donned blue jeans, sweaters and sneakers and drove down to the "elopement capital" of the world, Elkton, Maryland. Wow, 28 years ago. Would you be surprised if I told you those jeans we wore that day would NOT fit us today?

After tying the knot we drove to the hospital where Bob's mom was to let her know we got married. She cried with joy. We lost her two weeks later so I've always been glad that she knew. Next we went to my parents home. Mom was the only one home and when I told her she didn't believe me. It wasn't until she saw Bob's ring that she believed us. She smiled a lot. She had just gotten out of the hospital and my dad had gone to Officer's Club to get out of the house for awhile. I called him and asked him to come home. He objected with, "Aww c'mon Snook, I've been in the hospital and then the house for awhile now, I'm not coming home right now, what do you want?" What I wanted was to NOT tell him over the phone that I had gotten married. I told him to stay there that I was on my way. This worried him since he knew I was at his house and he insisted on my telling him what was going on. I could see his point so I told him that me and his new son-in-law were on our way to have a toast with him at the club. Well, it turned into quite a party as I recall it. Yep, 28 years ago. Some days it seems like yesterday that we said I do and on other days it seems like a hundred lllloooonnnngggg years ago! All you married readers know what I mean, I'm sure.

I went to the Activities office for a very short time this morning as I took the day off! After we got our mini golf sessions out of the way we had the day to do as we pleased. We had some errands to take care of so a trip to Casa Grande was in order. Actually, we had some legal things to take care of. I mention this only because these things had to do with what we got for our anniversary today!

Today we exchanged checks and keys for our very own park model here in Quail Run! That's right! Permanent winter residents! We decided that we like this park so much and have made such wonderful friends here that this is where we want to spend our winters. We're keeping the 5th wheel, we'll use it from April thru September while we travel to other areas and explore.

So we bought the park model on site number 5 for those of you who were here last year. Ernie and Bonnie Nottingham's place. They left last year with every intention of coming back this year but illness had changed their plans and we got it fully furnished. Right down to extra rolls of paper towels, toilet paper, and full bottles of shampoo. The shed holds tools, bikes, grills, furniture and loads of other stuff. The house has all the kitchen appliances, dishes, serving pieces, crock pots, a food processor, everything you can imagine. It's fully furnished and decorated with very nice southwestern pieces. Oh heck, here are pictures so you can see for yourself.

Our corner lot.




Our living room.


The kitchen. I'll have to learn how to cook on an electric stove.


Our dining area with window seat. We have the leaf for the table and extra chairs.


A REAL Fridge! A FULL SIZE fridge! A HUGE freezer!


The library,,,, with a real handle to flush the toilet with! No more stepping on a pedal!



The bedroom. The bedspread's gotta go!



So, there it is, if you have vaca time and want to come out, give us a call, we've got the room since we're still in the 5th wheel. We won't "move in" until next season. We're too comfortable where we are right now for the few remaining weeks we have here.

So Happy Anniversary to us!


LaVon Baker said...

Happy Anniversary indeed!! Can't wait to see it in person. (Keep the key in your pocket!)
Sooooo good to see you today!

Peggy & Bill said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Most of it looks like our friends place her in AJ, AZ. We thought about it, but not ready to give up the full timing yet! But when we are ready, this is our place to call "winter home" too! I love it! Hope you enjoy!