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2/22 - 2/28/2009 Winter Olympics Week Part 2

February 25, 2009

I sure wasn't thinking on this one! Jeannie said back in the fall to schedule the yearly Style show in late February. I did. Right smack in the middle of Olympics week! It wasn't too bad really, the Activities staff doesn't have much to do with the Olympics themselves unless they choose to get involved with the events.

So today we had the Style show. Seven lovely ladies from Quail Run went to the local Bon Worth store and picked out several outfits each.

The Activities Staff, under the direction of Ann, made a fabulous lunch for the ladies of the park to enjoy.

They served Chicken Waldorf Salad. These three, Ann, George and Darrell are a dynamite team together!


Doesn't this just make your mouth water?


For dessert they made 12 different flavors of cream pie! One table, and unfortunately I deleted the picture by mistake, each got a different flavor of pie and then cut each one in sixths so that everyone at the table could taste at least half of the flavors available.

Don't these ladies look happy?


On with the show!

Here's "pretty in pink" if I ever saw it! The very lovely Peg M. modeling one of the outfits she picked out.


Here comes pretty Marlene in a cute outfit!


Diane E. looks anything but "blue"!


Joan C. is just as fresh and lovely as these daisies!


A lot of the ladies in the audience were "green" with envy over the outfit Kathy W. picked out!


This Lady in Red, Carol W. brought lots of ooh's and ah's from the audience.


The very lovely Edna showing off her jacket for outfit she picked out. Her own addition of the hat was just the icing on the cake!


A group picture of the Quail Run models. You did a fabulous job ladies!


Later in the afternoon I ran across a group sitting in the sun. Here Marlene shows how NOT to sit outside by the pool in the afternoon sun.


This evening the games were back on. Here a group is playing Euchre. I don't have a clue how this is played and from the directions given to me I think it is much too hard to learn!


Jean and Bob enjoying a chuckle while the cards are being shuffled and dealt.


On my way home I walked through the mini-golf course area and heard some people talking. I thought it strange because it was dark outside. Then I saw this..... Oh Marlene, when are you going to learn that I am rarely without my camera and when I find someone practicing their putting in the dark in their house robe no less....well, girlfriend, I just HAVE to take a picture! I bet the Bend, Oregon gang will get a kick out of this when they see it! Question to you fine folks...does she do this at home????


February 26, 2009

Well, today is Ping Pong day here in the Olympic Week.

One of our camp hosts, Gary, gave everyone a run for their money!


Don looked especially happy with this volley !


Bill Turner took gold for the men.


And April Pope took it for the ladies.


The shook hands after the very last game, men vs. women, Bill won.


In the afternoon it was Men's Pool.


Bob stayed in until the very end.


Our buddy, Wilf, lining up his shot.


Our friend Al, was a medal winner.


I spent the late afternoon with Marlene walking the park and taking pictures for the Photo Scavenger Hunt that will take place next week. So much to do, so little time. I'll take about a hundred pictures between today and tomorrow of random things around the park. Things like this painted satellite dish....


or this metal worked sun....


...or even this window in a park model.


Marlene and I will pick out 80 of the pictures and divide them into four groups of twenty. They will then be mounted onto paper and slid into protective sleeves and put into a binder of some sort. Next week, teams of four will be given two of the books and have one hour to find forty items somewhere in the park. They have to write down on the answer sheet at what site they found the item or in what common building or area they found it. The team with most correct answers will win a prize worth $100.00. This isn't an easy thing to do! Last year this was very popular and I expect it will be again this year.

February 27, 2009

Wow! What a busy day this was! It started with the Frisbee Toss early this morning at Quail Lake, uh, well, better known as the retention pond.


Judi Hill gets ready to throw her discs.



This event gathered quite a viewing crowd.


The object was to keep it on the line and get it as far out there as you could. It wasn't easy to do because there was a breeze and it carried the Frisbee's off course.


From there it was off to the Bean Bag Toss. Don't laugh, every RV park Olympics has bean bag toss on their list of events.

While this is good....


....this is what you want!


Nel and April take their turns to go for the gold.


I was tied for the gold in this for a short while,,,,a very short while.

Mini golf was next!


This is the week that the course "grows rocks".


Oh Peg, that should have gone in! You were robbed! Don't ya just hate it when it sits right on the edge and won't go in?


Bob on the course.


Here I am on the 9th hole. Everyone either gets it in in two or six. There is no in between. Two or six. That's it.

Here's stroke number four....


....and five....


And here's Sharon as she came off the ninth hole. Easy, Sharon...easy.


It was just a great day to be outdoors.


All the while this is going on, the team on duty, once again led by Ann, was busy in the kitchen preparing for the Taco Night we'll have tonight. Ann and Carol chopping the tomatoes and olives for the taco bar.


With mini golf done it now time for the putting event.

Bob taking his turn at this event.


This was another popular event.


I caught up with Sylvia trying her hand at making tissue paper flowers. No, no, no, this isn't an Olympic event! This is something we'll use later, she's just trying her technique.


Janet, one of the coordinators talking with Jane, a winter resident. See that clipboard? I swear I never saw Janet without all week! I wonder if she slept with it?


Five o'clock came quickly and it was time for our taco dinner.

This is Carolyn, she is VISITING her sister and brother-in-law who are the Activity team members. She got recruited to help out.


It was time to start serving.

IMG_7019 IMG_7023

While we ate we were entertained by the Santa Cruz High School Mariachi Band!


It was treat for us and a chance for them to practice in front of a crowd.


We passed a basket for a collection for the band and the diners were very generous with their contributions. The kids were grateful and very appreciative.

February 28, 2009

The Olympics come to a close for another year.

The medals all laid out waiting for the awards ceremony.


We made sure the tables set for the Olympic Luncheon were all "dressed" in red, white and blue.




The steps where the medal winners will stand.


The colors are presented.


Our friend, Wilf, presented his country's flag.


Some of the medal winners.




Finally, Jerry came in to douse the flame.




At the very end, Jerry blew on the flame and at the same time Carol pulled the plug and it went out at just the exact moment. A perfect ending.

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