Thursday, August 13, 2009

8/13/2009 So Long My Friend...

Dianne's vacation is over. But what a helluva vacation it was! We kept her busy, she saw things she probably would never have seen otherwise, she was dazzled with beautiful scenery and wild animals, ate one nasty meal in a train wreck of a restaurant, got a taste of the RV life and spent nearly two weeks with people who think the world of her.

We got up early this morning because we had a 4 hour run to Anchorage. I took one picture on the way back to Fort Richardson but we were moving and it came out blurrier than I would have liked but I'll tell you about it anyway. We passed a large junk store, the owners would probably classify it as an antique's store and to be fair, since we didn't actually stop and go in, it may very well have been an antique's store....inside. From the outside,,,,pure junk store. What really caught my eye was the name of this store. The owner was pretty clever in naming it I think. Wal-Mike's.

It was an overcast drizzly day, just like the day Dianne arrived.

We reached Fort Richardson and they had many spaces available. Once again a testament that the end of the season is upon us. We'll be here about a week probably. First and foremost, we have to rest, plain and simple. We have been on the go-go-go for the past eleven days, setting up and breaking down, driving/riding, sightseeing, making/packing meals, and doing it all over again, every three days. We're tired, plain and simple.

We set up once again, happy with the knowledge that we're staying put for a spell. We need to get an oil change in the truck and Bob wants to get some maintenance things done on the rig before we head for the lower 48. We're not heading south yet, there are still four more places we want to go, Chicken, Valdez, Haines and Skagway not to mention that Anchorage has a lot to offer as far as sightseeing is concerned. All the same, business has to be taken care of.

Dianne spent the afternoon packing and re-packing and re-packing and..... She is certainly going home with more than she came with but grandchildren will do that to you.

We decided to have dinner in the Iditorad Dining facility over on the Elmendorf Air Force Base. Just like the day Dianne arrived.

We sat around and talked through all we had seen and done. We hope she had a great vacation, she assures us she did.

It was time for the trip to the airport. We drove through the drizzle, quiet, everyone keeping their thoughts to themselves. I hate so longs. I kept telling myself, "I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry," We arrived and got her luggage out, she said her so longs to Bob who stayed with the truck and I helped her in to the check-in line. I'm not going to cry. We found the right line she needed and got her luggage situated. I'm not going to cry. We hugged, I asked her again if she had a good time and again she assured me she had a great time. I cried.

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LaVon Baker said...

Of course your cried. You wouldn't be Snookie if you didn't. That's just one of the thing we love about you. So glad you had this time with your good friend.