Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/8/2009 Here We Come Homer!

We were up and out at a reasonable hour this morning as we have lots to share with Dianne in Homer and on the Spit.

We are staying in Ninilchik which is a halfway point for the places we want to visit north and south of us.

On our way south we stopped at Anchor Point at the place where they put the boats in the water. This isn't something that your average pickup can do like at regular lakes and rivers. This job takes a big tow vehicle.


Here it is backing the boat into the water. The people who are going out are already in the boat.


And there they go...


This is a "different" kind of retaining wall.


The top of Mt. Redoubt is covered by clouds.


First stop when we got to Homer was a large gift shop. This store has everything you could possibly want for a souvenir. (We didn't buy anything!)


We drove down on the Spit and the first thing we noticed was how crowded it was! It was no wonder really, it was a beautiful day. Parking was difficult to find so Bob dropped us off and he went in search of a parking place. There were lots of shops Dianne and I wanted to check out and time was a wastin'.

First stop was the Time Bandit. Captain Jonathan was there today signing autographs and getting pictures taken. He is the brother to Andy, my favorite Deadliest Catch boat captain. Dianne and I both took notice of Jonathan's behavior and we think he was drunk!


The boat, Time Bandit, wasn't docked in the harbor as it is working off Kodiak Island on a salmon run. One of the regular crew members is now captain of the boat, at least for this salmon run.


From here we checked out several shops where everything is overpriced. I took some pictures around town as we walked.






Dianne said she was hungry but I didn't think she was THIS hungry!


We had to show Di the Salty Dawg!





I went into the back room to check it out. I saw this and said to myself, "Damn, I'm glad I quit!" Think about it,,,34 quarters for a pack of cigarettes! I just celebrated 10 months of being smoke free this week! Yay ME!


We took her the Seafarer's Memorial, to where the Eagle Lady lived and she got shots of the Eagle Perch.

We then meandered over to watch the fish being brought in. Oh they were some beauts!



This halibut weighed in at 88 pounds and it wasn't the biggest.


The one on the far left weighed in at 96 pounds.


We went into a place of business and we saw this folding door. Can you imagine the work that went into this? I would love to have this door!


So there was part of our day in Homer. The rest is in another post.

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