Monday, February 13, 2012

2/10-2/13/2012 Four Days of CLOUDS & RAIN!

A few things….

First and foremost welcome to new Frequent Reader, MVP8439. I wonder if we know you, your picture looks familiar. If not, welcome anyway and we hope you enjoy the journey.

I thought I had posted a picture of the ice maker we had for a day. I know I did but somehow it got lost somewhere between Live Writer and Blogger. So here’s a picture of the icemaker that we are now waiting for to be delivered. Again.

Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Bob cut off the eight inches of cord including the plug and peeled the sticker off the back and attached it to the invoice and I took it to the post office to get this replacement process started. Now remember what you just read here, this is important.

I never thought an icemaker with no means of plugging it in would make my blood run cold and make me think of a 1958 Plymouth Fury. I was in the house looking up something on the computer when I heard this very familiar noise. I knew the noise and I had heard it recently but I just couldn’t place it. For the sake of argument lets say the noise level was that of…oh,say… a washing machine in the wash cycle. I sat there and I listened and suddenly my blood ran cold. I actually shivered. I heard the icemaker! (Insert Twilight Zone music here) How could that be? I took the cord/plug to the post office! It was like Stephen King’s Christine all over again! The icemaker had grown a cord and come back to life! I jumped up and went outside only to find Bob standing before our outside table with the icemaker sitting there with the cover off and it was running! How can this be???? As it turns out Bob had another plug with some cord attached to it and he spliced the two cords together. He wanted to see if he could figure out what was making the noise and if it was fixable. If it had been we would have taken the original icemaker to the park model in Arizona. It seems as though the compressor was the problem and a replacement was just not cost effective. Darn thing scared me!

The rainy season has hit the Valley. We are so ready to move on now. It has rained so much that we couldn’t even move our truck for a few days. Our parking space on this lot is in a little valley if you will and rainwater settled in this area and our tires were sitting in about two inches of water. Our truck is sitting on dirt, or in this case, in mud, and we’ve seen the deep ruts other trucks have made trying to get out of their spaces. Luckily, Toni was kind of enough to run me to the store (and post office) to stock up on a few things, think beer and Crystal Light Iced Tea, until we could get our truck out without making a mess.

This rain has cut down on our work hours too. One day when everything was soaking wet we did what we could do and called it a day. Another it rained most of the morning with short breaks. On that day Bob went out alone to do what had to be done during those short dry spells.

We really need to get out of this park and go do SOMETHING. I’m even burnt out on games. As much as I enjoy the company it’s the same thing every day and its just gotten old so I’m taking a break from the game playing for awhile.

When we’re off for the next four days we were hoping to get out and about and maybe even take a daytrip to South Padre Island. Then Bob looked at the forecast, Rain.

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