Sunday, February 5, 2012

2/2-2/5/2012 Up, Down, Back, Forth

Let me put this right out there here and now. We are sick of being sick!

For a day there we both felt good and the next day Bob wakes up and its in his chest and he coughs and coughs and hacks.

Enough! We’ve had enough!

The weather isn’t helping any either. It isn’t that its cold here but just overcast, cloudy, drizzling at times, downpours at others.

If this doesn’t change soon hitch itch is going to start in extra early.

Before I forget, remember the float the winter residents here in the park made for the Citrus Festival parade?


It took third place in the Winter Texan II Division. Since we weren’t able to attend the parade I have no idea what the different divisions mean or how they are determined but it’s nice to know this float placed in the top three in one of the categories.

Since we haven’t been out to do anything because of health or weather we have had lots of time for online shopping. We placed an order for a portable ice maker.

Portable Countertop Ice Maker

We now go through a LOT of ice since I always have a large glass of Crystal Light iced tea by my side. Quite frankly, we don’t like the water here. We’re buying RO (reverse osmosis) water by the gallon for fifteen cents but for some reason I always end up making the ice cubes with tap water. Not anymore once this arrives.

That’s about it for now. We are just waiting around for a change to come our way. Health and sunshine would be nice for awhile.

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