Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/22/2012 I’ve Got An Overabundance Of……


In the past few months I have been overwhelmed with address labels. I get them from the VFW, Disabled Veterans, and another military organization whose name slips my mind right now.

It started with the Disabled Veterans. With Bob being a Viet Nam and Desert Shield/Storm veteran and holding a Lifetime Membership in the VFW, we support these organizations when they ask for donations.

I had fallen off their radar screen in the last few years somehow and I hadn’t gotten any solicitations in several years.

The first one was Disabled Veterans, I got a few address labels with their solicitation for a check from me. Nice labels. All is good. I wrote out a check and sent if off.

The word got out, the Quinn’s are an easy mark. The address labels started pouring in.


Along with address labels came the requests for checks. No problem, we support these organizations anyway, we believe in what they do. I added their labels to my stockpile and wrote out a check.

And then…..

I started getting labels from organizations I’d never heard of before. I kept their labels, they got no check.

Now not only are we getting these handy-dandy labels for which I have very little use in this age of online bill paying and email but now I’m getting notepads too. Actually, I like the notepads, keep sending them!


A couple of days ago I got a very patriotic keychain, with a request for yet another donation. Granted, we didn’t write a six figure check to the VFW, heck it was equal to what I spend in laundry a month if the truth be known, but come on, I just sent you a check two months ago!


We also get fancy labels to seal our letters with!


Now they are really playing on my emotions. I got the card yesterday, it even had an American flag on it. Oh yes, I’m a sucker for anything with our country’s banner on it. I am a now an official, card carrying, ::drum roll please:: GOLD CIRCLE MEMBER for 2012! I’ve even got my own ten digit supporter number!


While I think all these little incentives are nice to receive, kinda, sorta, I have to wonder how much money these organizations spend on these freebies. Shouldn’t all the money spent on getting these cards bought, printed and mailed, not to mention all the correspondence that comes with it, couldn’t that money be spent on the cause?

Anybody need an address label? I’ve got an overabundance of them!

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Peggy & Bill said...

I agree. I like the labels too, but once you start, it never stops. I, too, can't use that many in a year. Wish they would spend the money more wisely, along with a hundred other organizations that ask for donations.