Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/18-2/19/2011 My Little Brother Turns 50!

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We started back to work for another 4 days and skies are threatening to open up and pour buckets down any minute.

On Sunday, my little brother, Billy, turned 50.

Billy and Chelle.bmp


I like this time of year. There are six months that I can say I am eight years older than him. Once my birthday hits I am nine years older and he doesn’t let me forget it!

Bob woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, I hope we’re not headed towards round three with the Texas Crud with him. Bob has NEVER been sick this much. This is someone who rarely gets a cold.

We finally put our deep fryer to use. I had taken a 10 pound turkey out earlier in the week and now that it was finally thawed and the wind had died enough to get a flame to stay, today was the day!

Bob took charge of this whole operation and I made the side dishes.

I’d like to say this was without error but I can’t. It was our first time and it was a learning experience. Bob learned how to deep fry a turkey and I learned a whole new string of cuss words.

The turkey is ready.


Now I have to admit, I’m not real comfortable around these deep fryers. I have this fear of stumbling and falling into and knocking it over and being terribly burned. I keep my distance. This is definitely going to be a Bob project.

Slowly it gets lowered into the hot oil.


I stood back, even the sizzling sound as it gets lowered into the oil makes me nervous.


Some time later, we won’t talk about how much time later, this was a learning experience after all,,,,darn timer that couldn’t be allowed to run out ‘cuz you had to wait to re-light the burner.

Anyway, my side dishes were done and were cooling on the stove (take that as a hint) when Bob announced the bird was done. I quickly warmed things up and he brought the beautifully browned bird in. Did I take a picture? Heck no! I was so hungry the camera was the last thing on my mind!

Oh did that turkey ever taste good! I don’t think I will ever, ever, cook a turkey in the oven again. Bob never eats the turkey skin whereas I have no problem peeling that off in strips and gobbling it down. That changed! I had to practically fight him for it. Lucky for me he was satisfied quickly and left the rest alone. No, I didn’t eat it all, I know better, but darn if it wasn’t good!

Overall, I’d rate this a huge success!

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