Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27/2012 The Doctor Finally!

It was him or me. One of us was not going to make it through the day if Bob did not get to the doctor today.

I called the clinic in McAllen and they said they took walk-ins to come on over. Great!

We get there and are told they booked solid for the day. Come back tomorrow. There was no arguing with them, believe me.

So Bob decides to go to the doctor I went to. I couldn’t remember where he was located. I knew the general area but that’s about it and Bob wasn’t in the mood for a wild goose chase. I went to the Internet and found his website and called to make sure he was in and the receptionist told me he was no longer with that practice and she didn’t know where he went and didn’t have a phone number for him. Come on lady, Mission isn’t that big!

So we went to the local pharmacy and asked if they had an address for him. They did and off we went. After we got there we realized it wouldn’t have been that much of a wild goose chase after all.

So Bob goes in while I waited in the truck. There were sick people in there and I didn’t want it again! He was back in five minutes only to say the doctor wasn’t in and would be back at 2:30. Back home we go.

At quarter after two he leaves to go to the doctor and again and 20 minutes later he’s back. The doctor will now return at 3:30.

This is not a good day, are you feelin’ that vibe?

Finally at 3:20 we both got in the truck to go once again. We decided that after the doctor visit we would go out and get something to eat.

Bob came out ten minutes later and all I could think was OH NO! not again. Surprisingly, he had seen the doctor. For a whole five minutes. The doctor listened to his chest and wrote out a prescription. No needles in the backside like I had. No cough medicine. No steroids. Just one scrip for amoxicillin and an over the counter decongestant.

It took a lot longer to get the prescription filled than he spent with the doctor.

After a dinner of Mexican food it was home for the night to get this medicine started.

He finally went to the doctor!

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