Monday, September 1, 2014

8/29-9/1/14 Labor Day Weekend–2014

(Damascus, VA)

It so goes against my grain to cheer that Labor Day Weekend is here.  This has never, ever been a holiday that I looked forward to.  Quite the contrary.  As a young teen this was one of the most saddest weekends for me and my friends.  My family has a beach house in Maryland and back then as each one of our friends would leave to go home, all of us girls would stand and wave goodbye and the tears would fall.  Summer was over.  Our good times over.  It didn’t matter that we were all going to be back at our cottages the next weekend, this was Labor Day Weekend!

I was cheering the approach of this weekend on.  Actually, since Memorial Day.

We were pretty busy this weekend.  Our reservation campground loop was pretty full with only a handful of open sites.  Our first come first serve loop was also pretty full but at no time were we at a point that we turned campers away.

The crazies seem to come out on holiday weekends.  Like the campers who insist on breaking bottles in the fire pits.  Yep, they were back.  Then there were the campers that thought the campground rules didn’t apply to them.  There seemed to be an overabundance of them this weekend.

We had one camper pick out three different campsites before she found one acceptable.

We had campers change sites and not tell us!  It was fun when we rented out a site and the just arrived camper came back and said someone was already in it. Then we had to scramble and try to figure out who moved.

And then there is the rain.  Oh yeah, half the weekend it rained. 

Normally my shifts kinda fly by.  Not this weekend.

Bob so wanted to get the last of our stuff packed up and have it be dry.  That didn’t happen.

Finally Monday arrived.  A sunshiny kind of day.  I had the morning shift so I gladly waved to all the campers leaving and happily marked their names off our board.  It was a true joy to watch our campground empty.

The clock struck 2pm and we officially finished our obligation to Beartree Campground.  I do believe this is the longest summer of our lives.

We packed every single thing that we could except what we would absolutely need tomorrow morning.  We even got one slide pulled in, because we could.

Our brother in law Sonny would be here in the morning to escort us off the mountain.  Off the mountain.   Oh what happy words they are!

As I was helping Bob put our ladder away I took notice that the colors are really starting to change in the leaves now.


As I was standing there with camera in hand the butterfly came to get its picture taken.

Labor Day….we’re glad you’re here!

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