Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4/15 I’m Not Going to Parker Party

(Arizona City, AZ)

Every year around this time a lot of the Quail Run golfers get together and travel to Parker, AZ for a long golf weekend.  The golfers golf and the ladies who don’t golf go shopping and out to lunch during the day.  Having never been there I would imagine there are some great dinners in some nice restaurants and some party-ing going on.

Those of us who stay put have our own party thanks to Nancy Prasek.  This is the 7th I’m not going to Parker party she has hosted.

There was quite a turnout!

Duke & Katalin

Frank Maguire played the tunes.

As always, there was lots of food.

Friends were tucked into all the little nooks around her park model.

As always, this was a great party and one everyone looks forward to.

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