Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/17/2015 Travelin’ John – The Obituary

(Arizona City, AZ)

Arizona City, AZ.

1990something - March 17, 2015

Tis a sad day in the land of Quail Run. A day we are mourning the demise of a fairly new friend, none other than Traveling John. TJ to his friends.

TJ spent his later years sharing special moments with Diane Estus, his latest owner. Sadly, TJ didn't age well and soon was discarded.  Friends didn't see Traveling John's days as over though. After a complete makeover and many added tattoos John was transformed into a roaming vessel of cheer.


Traveling John preferred moving under the light of the moon but did travel at the whim of others.
Today, TJ was found broken. with his companions Gatorade, Keystone beer and his newest friend, Pumpkin Spice Liqueur huddled together in his bowl. It has not been determined if TJ met with an accidental death or if he was brutally murdered. No one has stepped forward to claim responsibility yet.

Traveling John was enjoyed by many and will be remembered for a long time to come. The enjoyment he brought will be shared in many Quail Run stories.

Tonight when you rise from a restful slumber to pee, remember Traveling John in your thoughts.

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Yes folks, it’s true.  Travelin’ John is gone.  He was found in front of OUR place this morning.  To be honest I thought someone had “killed” TJ but did find out later that it was an accident.  Travelin’ John was being moved to our place and fell off of the dolly that was being used to move him.  His tank cover was broken along with the tank.

Of course funeral services were held. 

A casket was picked out.


TJ was lowered none too gently into the casket.

Quail Run residents came to pay their respects and to say a final prayer.  These two were led away crying and wailing….crying and wailing I tell ya!

It’s a sad day, a sad, sad, day.

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