Sunday, March 1, 2015

3/1/2015 Happy Birthday DAD

(Arizona City, AZ)

This is the second year that March 1st rolled around and my dad isn’t here to wish a Happy Birthday.  I think about him every single day.  Some days it seems he’s on my mind all day long and others I may think of him for just a fleeting moment.  There are so many things I wanted to tell him over the past two years.  I wanted to tell him about a book I read that I thought he’d enjoy, I wanted to tell him how I handled a sticky situation but not without first thinking… how would my dad handle this, what would my dad say to this person.  I wish I could talk with him one more time.  I wish I could feel his arms around me for one more hug.  I wish I could hear the words, “Love you babe” just one more time. 
I. Miss. Him.

Now on a happy note we got to see our oldest, Tim, this evening.  He’s on a cross country trek for a shipping company he works for and his travels brought him within a few miles of us.

Here’s Tim and Bob standing next to a very large saguaro cactus.

Yep, I’m thinking the same thing,,,,darn he’s a big guy!  I think he finally stopped growing at 6’4”.


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