Friday, March 20, 2015

3/20/15 Mini Golf: Sitting, One Handed, Whiffle Ball

(Arizona City, AZ)

Be careful what you ask for. You may get it!

Several weeks ago I made a suggestion to Dennis, our mini golf leader, that it might be fun to play a game where we sat down, putted with one hand and used a Whiffle ball. I WAS KIDDING!

Well, today that happened. Thankfully it was only one hole although we all used Whiffle balls throughout the game.


It is not as easy as it looks!


She doesn’t look like she’s having much luck with the Whiffle ball does she?


Hey Dennis, I have an idea for next year!
Not only did we play in the morning, we played again this evening under the lights.
Tonight was our Mini Golf Banquet.  After a dinner of ones choice of several kinds of pizza and the giving out of prizes we went out under the stars.



So Dennis and Georgina, thank you for a great season!  You really made it fun for all of us.


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