Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/11/2015 Travelin’ John……Travels

(Arizona City, AZ)

After our busy day yesterday with painting the toilet and attending the art show and then some pool time after that, Susan and I relaxed with another game of Chinese Checkers.

Our conversation once again turned to the toilet and we decided that there should be a poem to go along with the toilet.  So we sat and looked for words to tell the story we wanted to tell and it all had to rhyme.

I think we did pretty good.  Now repeat this in the rhythm in which you would read a Dr. Seuss book.  Think The Cat in the Hat.

So we did what the poem said.  We filled him up right!  I put a disposable foil pan in the bowl and we loaded it up on the back of Robert & Susan’s four wheeler.  And off we went.

When we got where we were going we filled it the rest of the way.

We attached our poem and waited.

Now we knew we were going to have to wait for awhile before the recipient got home because we knew he was playing in the Jam Session this evening.  Everyone who wanted to witness Travelin’ John being found agreed to meet back at this park model at 9:15.

I went to the Jam Session and handed two notes to two of the musicians playing saying where to go as soon as the Jam Session was over.  They nodded but didn’t know what was up.

The time came and we were all waiting.  We knew he was coming in a car because of the equipment he had to transport.  I wanted to be in a position to get pictures of his reaction so I laid on the floor of his porch along with another.  All the others were sitting in a golf cart and a car across the street….watching.

Marilyn, had come home first and saw it and of course was now in on it.  In fact she even turned the motion light off so that he wouldn’t see the people who were around watching.

He pulled up into the driveway, got out, forgot something, turned back to the car and did what ever it was he was doing.  He got to the patio and noticed the motion light didn’t come on.  He cussed.  Me and my partner on the floor are practically busting a gut trying not to laugh out loud.  Marilyn comes out of the house and he asks about the light.  She tells him it was out when she got home.  He walked towards the front of the porch to investigate and he sees it!

We had gotten Wilf!  Now you can see in the picture below that he says something.  Let’s just leave it at that,,,,that he’s saying something.

When he realized what was inside, well, he was okay with it then. 

Word had gotten out and people were starting to stop by.

Now its up to him to surprise someone with it.

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