Tuesday, January 1, 2008

12/30/07 Lots of Phone Calls

Since we are without wheels at this time we didn't leave the park today. We had a day trip planned but we'll save that for another day now.

We want to go to Quartzsite later this month during a time when we'll have eight days straight off. We're not set up for "boondocking" which means being able to stay somewhere with no hookups. We don't have a generator as yet, nor do we have solar panels to generate electricity. We could maybe make it two days, three days at most if we didn't turn on lights based just on our batteries. Well you know that isn't going to happen! The alternative is to find a campground in Quartzsite. Bob got a two page list of campgrounds in the area and I started calling. Some were polite and just said they didn't have anything available, others laughed and asked if I meant January 2008 as they took reservations for this year's gathering of the RV's at this time LAST YEAR!

So what's so great about Quartzsite? Eight months a year Quartzsite, Arizona, isn’t much more than an empty RV park. Then, like a mob of chattering starlings settling into a too small of a tree, the snowbirds start landing in November. By mid-January, the mechanical car counter at the Interstate 10 exit is ticking off 26,000 vehicles a day. Within weeks 175,000 RVs cram inches apart into 79 trailer parks, onto front yards, and spill out seven miles on either side of town. Every year more than a million people reset their internal navigation and drive from Everywhere, North America, to this western Arizona town. Luxury motor homes, fifth wheels, cab-over campers, trailers, and converted school buses search for space in this non-descript little Arizona town. “You haven’t had the full RV experience until you’ve been to Quartzsite in January," or so we've heard. Well, these Rv'ers will have to make reservations for NEXT year.

Bob spent his afternoon on the computer searching for ailing truck answers on sites like Diesel.com. Its been decided that this is either going to be a very cheap quick fix or a very expensive one. We're hoping for the cheap quick fix. An easy to get to malfunctioning sensor perhaps or a loose wire somewhere. He also took the time to extend our contract for Emergency Road Service. Luckily Good Sam is running a special right now so we extended for $79.00 vs. the normal $129.00. We may need that fifty bucks when we get the repair bill!

Evening time brought my favorite Amazing Race TV program and afterwards I made my way to the puzzle room.

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