Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13/2013 Lazy Days Here We Come!

(Tucson, AZ)

The alarm went off at 6 a.m. this morning.  We didn’t get up but the alarm went off.  We had good intentions.

It didn’t really matter because within an hour we were ready to go and just hung around so that we didn’t get caught up in the early morning rush.

I walked up to our on-site post office to mail a card and saw quite a few people in the Cantina.  Breakfast was being served.  A free breakfast.  Two of our full time residents, Keith and Bonnie, make breakfast every Wednesday morning for anyone who wants it.  There was biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs, pancakes and a few other things I don’t recall right now.  They do this out of the goodness of their hearts.  I did hear that some of the residents contribute dishes or groceries for the breakfast to be made.  The most amazing people live here in this park.

Our neighbors all came out to say so long but we told them all we’d be back as soon as the work was done.

It was as uneventful hours drive to Tucson and we pulled in Lazy Days well ahead of our 11:00 appointment time. 


This is where it all begins.  The doorways along this thruway belong to service writers, the cashier, a break room and a few other personnel.


They took us right away and we started the process of getting the things we wanted corrected into the computer.  Our service writer is Liz and she seemed to know the right questions to ask when I got stuck in explaining what we wanted corrected.  What I tell her has to be condensed to a sentence for the service tech’s computer printout.

As you can see in the picture above, there is not an RV in the thruway.  This place is not the zoo that Lazy Days in Tampa was.  We are glad!

They took our 5th wheel right away and settled into the waiting area.  There is a very nice sitting area outside under a sun screen.  There are several table and chair sets, comfy chairs and low tables.  There is a mural painted on the back wall also.  I’ll have to get a better picture of that.


When it gets too warm to sit outside, and it does, we move inside.  There is a nice lounge with tables and chairs for computer users and large screen TV hooked up to DirecTV.


The room is divided by a large bookcase where books and table games are kept.  On the the other side is the pet area.  No carpet.


We hung around in case there any questions about what needs to be done.  WIFI is available for us to use our computers and be able to connect to the Internet.

We met a very nice couple, Rich and Cookie, who are also full-timers.  Rich is also retired military and they workamp also so we had plenty to talk about.  It really helped to pass the afternoon away.

By five we were able to get back to our house on wheels.  We’ll be spending the night in front of bay # 39.  Day one is down.

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