Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/3-3/6/2013 Nuttin’ Much

(Arizona City, AZ)

Not much goin’ on here in the desert.  A little bit of a cold front came through again so Sunday and Monday were kind of cool.

I’m sure a lot of you have probably seen this wedding video, through your email or on Facebook, but I just have to share it.  What a great speech this dad gave as he gave her hand at the alter.  CLICK HERE.

I wish I had a dog like this!  See all that Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier can do!  CLICK HERE.

As I mentioned yesterday we’ll be leaving here soon.  Not for long and not for good but we have to go Tucson for a few days,,,or two weeks.  Hopefully, no more than two weeks.  So why are we going to Tucson?  We have some nit-picky things to get taken care of on the 5th wheel.  Since we are under warranty we let the dealership take care of everything.  We don’t want to hear those dreaded words, “You shouldn’t have done that, you voided your warranty.”  So we’re heading to Lazy Days Tucson.

I have family in Tucson so I’m hoping to get to see them.  There are also lots of things in this area we haven’t seen so I’m hoping I can get Bob away from the dealership to go do something.

The weatherman says 90 degree days are coming, I can’t wait!

We have decided to list our park model for rent again next year.  It just makes sense to do so.


The rent covers all the expenses associated with the park model and its less expensive for us to  rent an RV space than pay park model rent.  Besides, we have a new RV and its wonderful and we want to live in it!

Hopefully, someone will be looking for a place a to stay next winter.  January through March would be good but December through March would be great!

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