Saturday, March 2, 2013

3/2/2013 Fly Away Birds!

(Arizona City, AZ)

The other day while Bob was golfing, I was sitting outside with friends Karen and Diane.  Our neighbor who lives behind us came over and asked if I knew a pair of doves were building a nest on our ladder which is attached to the permanent ladder on our 5th wheel.  I told her that no, I didn’t, but would let Bob know.  The destroying of bird nests falls under Bob’s list of household duties.

We don’t often put up the shade that covers our back window because we back right up to our neighbors and Bob has this thing about it.  Its his thing, not mine, but I don’t argue with him over it as long as all the other shades are up and its not dark like we are living in a cave.  Because of this we didn’t see the nest building take place and I had actually forgotten about it.

Thankfully, these two birds weren’t really fast at building this nest.

I remembered the nest building this morning and put the back shade up.  Sure enough, there was mama dove putting the pieces of nesting material that papa dove brought to her in place.  When Bob came down from getting dressed I pointed out the birds and he said to me, “You know, we’re leaving here in a week and half and that can’t stay there.”  Well, yeah I knew that.  So outside he went.

As he turned the corner around the end of the rig the mama bird flew off.  Her mate was out hunting nesting material and was nowhere to be seen.  Bob took the ladder down and what they had in place flew everywhere.  He slid the ladder under the rig where it will stay until we leave here.

Well.  A few minutes later the male dove returned, a piece of straw or something like that in his beak.  He landed on the permanent ladder and dropped the piece of nesting material as he opened his beak in what had to be disbelief. 

He looked to the left…..


then to the right……


….and back again.


Pretty soon the female came back and they just kept looking and wondering what happened. 


They came back several times throughout the day in hopes of finding the beginnings of their nest.

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