Friday, March 15, 2013

3/15/2013 Nothing Getting Done Today

(Tucson, AZ)

By eight o’clock we were ready to vacate the 5th wheel.  We decided to play it smart today and wait till our service tech, Dan, arrived to find out if he wanted the slides pulled in so that it could be moved or could we keep it as is with the AC running.  For now it was ok he told us but he didn’t know if it was going to be moved later in the day or not.  We would have to check with Liz, the one who makes these decisions, to find out if we were going to be moved or not.

There wasn’t much he could do today anyway because we’re still waiting on authorization from DRV to get the warranty work done.  We really don’t understand this part because we have a bumper to bumper warranty and everything is covered anyway, so just fix it!  Procedures.  Procedures must be followed.

Once again we headed to the waiting area to get our morning computer time in.  While Bob got settled in I checked with Liz about the possibility of being moved today and she said that yes, we would be moved to the service waiting lot for the weekend.  That was fine, it has electric and water hookups so we would be comfortable.

Around 10:30 this elderly couple came in to sit also.  Soon after they arrived a fellow dressed in shirt and tie (and pants of course) came in to talk to them.  Evidently they were going to be here for the weekend and he said that he would make arrangements for them to stay in the same lot we were going to.  He went on to tell them he would get them moved over soon because 50 amp electric service was limited and since they had a large motorhome they would certainly need a 50 amp site.  What?  Wait!  We need 50 amp too, we have two air conditioners to run and it was going to be in the mid 90’s this weekend.

Bob and I looked at each other and neither one of us had to say anything.  I got up and went to talk to Liz.  I explained that we were going to be moved and would like to make arrangements for a 50 amp site.  She told me it was a first come – first serve lot and that she couldn’t guarantee a 50 amp site.  She further explained that around one o’clock the people who were coming for the weekend because they had early morning appointments on Monday would start arriving.  She said that as soon as Dan was finished with our rig he would call to have it moved.

I didn’t even stop to talk with Bob to tell him what I found out.  I went straight to Dan.  I asked him what he had planned today and we went over the list of things to be done.  Half the list is done already as they were just nit picky little things anyway and were easy fixes.  The other half we were waiting on authorization but he could take some more pictures to send in to DRV and he could replace the kitchen faucet. 

I told him about the weather forecast and our need for a 50 amp site.  He said he understood and would call Liz as soon as he was done.  I asked him if the faucet could wait until next week, after all, it wasn’t leaking it was just loose.  He said he didn’t have a problem with it waiting if we didn’t.

So he took the two pictures he needed to take and he called Liz.  Within a half hour we were settled into the service lot for the weekend.

Sometimes it just pays to eavesdrop.

We spent the afternoon talking with our new neighbors and slipping inside from time to time to get out of the strong Arizona sun.

Day Three – Down

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