Monday, March 18, 2013

3/18/2013 Lazy Days–Day Six????

(Tucson, AZ)

I think this is Day 6 here in Lazy Days Tucson

After hearing about our friend Arlene things are kind of topsy-turvy and we pretty much don’t know which end is up.

Arlene is still under sedation and they tried to bring her out of it enough to communicate but still no response.  Your prayers are still welcomed and needed.

On to life here at the service bay.  We were told that we were going to have to move today from one side of the lot we’re in to the other.  Seems as though a rally is scheduled here starting Wednesday and our 50 amp spot has been rented by the rally attendees so we have to move to a 30 amp site.  Thankfully, it isn’t that hot today so its no big deal for us.

We’re not scheduled for the service bay today.  We have an AC that has decided to send out a slight vibration so I walked down to add that to our list of things to get attended to.  While there our Service Advisor, Liz, said that she could get us in tomorrow but if Rally participants came in we could lose our spot.  I talked it over with Bob and we decided to wait till Wednesday for service because we couldn’t take the chance of losing our spot since we have an extra freezer on board and we need to be plugged in to power.  So nothing is getting done for two days. 

Ah, the life of a full-timer!

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