Saturday, March 16, 2013

3/16/2013 Saturday in the Service Lot

(Tucson, AZ)

No work getting done on our rig today.  Still waiting on authorization.  I think we’re beginning to hate that word.   AUTH-OR-I-ZA-TION  Yep, we hate it.

We took a ride to look for a Ford dealership because we’re due for an oil change and past due for shocks.  Could make for a very long ride to Montana if we don’t get the shocks replaced.  So we found the dealership and we were in the Fast Track Lane and this young fellow comes out and asks what we need, our name, our phone number and he took the VIN number.  He left us with, “Ok, someone will call you with a day and time.”  What?  No appointment date can be given today?  The whole thing just really seemed strange to us.  I think if we had gone inside we would left with a date and time.  They must do things differently here in Tucson.  And we don’t think too much of it.

Another stop at Safeway to pick up a few things and we headed back to Lazy Days to settle in.

When we returned I decided to go over and find out what activities there were because the days are starting to get long and boring here.  I found out there were in fact no planned activities.  Oh great!  I stopped in the Florizona Restaurant to pick up a sample menu while I was there. 

Before heading back to the house I stopped to meet the couple from Delaware.  They were from downstate Delaware and were on their way out the door when I stopped by.  It was still nice to talk to someone who talks and sounds like me!

It was warm this afternoon but not unbearable so I decided to take a walk with my camera.  My attention was caught by a row of small travel trailers on the outskirts of the main block in the Lazy Days property.

This is the latest in small trailers.

Did I say small?  How about this?  I can’t even imagine climbing in through that door!


Interior shots.


The whole thing is a bed with an air conditioner two small shelves and two small cabinets.
Another small storage area.  I imagine one would keep the clothes and other things in the tow vehicle.


Of course even people who own this teeny tiny trailer must eat and there IS a kitchen!
A sink, a stovetop, storage, counter space and a shelf but I don’t see a fridge.


I did get a chuckle out of this.


That little gem retails for $10.000.00!



…..turns into this.


You can see the table and it drops down to help make the platform which is covered with seating cushions to make the bed.  (Oh my achin’ back!)


This next one is a bit bigger than the first one I showed you.  Not much, but some.


The inside.



Makes me so thankful for our 38 footer!

PRIVATE NOTE:  To the reader who types my name into the Bing search box to find the blog, the follower and very frequent reader who was in San Antonio but now in Corpus Christi, why don’t you just put the blog in your favorite places, make it easy on yourself Mrs. E!    <<<<<(very big grin)>>>>>

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