Sunday, March 17, 2013

3/17/2013 St. Patrick’s Day

(Tucson, AZ)
I had plans of making today’s post all about St. Patrick’s Day.  With a last name of Quinn, would you expect anything less?  I had collected Maxine cartoons and stories and jokes and I had it all planned out.  But last night all that changed.
I called Arlene last night.  Arlene of Arlene and Jim.  The friends we made at the beach last summer, the ones who we met in Cocoa Beach, Florida in October and then spent a week together in Key Largo this past November.  The Arlene and Jim that we’re supposed to go to Montana with this summer.
I had reason to call her last night and Jim answered the phone which is unusual.  At least when I call.  I started the conversation with, “Hey Jim, how’s it going?” and I got a shock when he said, “Not good, Snookie.”  I knew immediately I wasn’t in for good news.
A little background is in order.  A week ago Arlene flew to Baltimore to be with her toddler granddaughter who was in John Hopkins hospital and to help her daughter once the little one was discharged.  All was good on their home front and Arlene flew home.  So, so far we have two plane rides and time spent in the hospital.
Wednesday Arlene came down with what she thought was a 36 hours stomach virus.  Something that was making its rounds in Baltimore.
It turned out to be something more.  I’m not going into medical detail here because the details aren’t mine to give.
I will tell you that Arlene is in the hospital in ICU.  Friends, Arlene is very sick.  I tell you all this in hopes that those of you who pray will do so for our friend.  She needs your prayers.  Jim needs your prayers. 
I will also tell you that Arlene is heavily sedated and when they try to bring her out of it so that she can communicate through eye blinking or hand squeezing she is not responsive.  I tell you this so that you understand the magnitude of what they’re dealing with and why I come to you for prayers and or at the very least good thoughts for our friends.
Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! So sorry to hear about your friend. Amazing how quickly life can be turned upside down. Will keep her in my thoughts and pass along the need for prayer. Hugs for you!
ann decatur