Thursday, March 20, 2014

3/14-3/20/14 The Desert in Bloom

(Arizona City, AZ)

Its springtime in the desert.  Back home on the east coast I would have looked for robins and tulips leaves pushing through the soil for signs of spring.

Our first sign was the quail that's been running around the park. 


The cactus all have buds and many have a bloom or two.





When they aren’t blooming cacti look harsh and hurtful and bland.  When they bloom these same plants take on a whole new look give you a chance to see the usual brown/tan desert landscape as beautiful.  We certainly enjoy it when it happens.




Bob has been researching bike racks so that we can load our bikes onto the back of the 5th wheel and take them with us this summer.  We understand there is a 17 mile downhill bike trail in the Virginia area where we’ll be.
He has our route figured out for our trek eastward and even figured out what campgrounds and Elk/Moose lodges we’ll be staying at.

I’ve been spending my time at the pool.  My priority right now is spending as much time with friends as possible.  It will be months before I see them again and I will certainly miss them.

There’s lot of parties going on for the end of the season and sadly there are people starting to pull out and heading towards home.

We’ve got  a busy next few weeks.

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Nan Talley said...

It is unpleasant to say see you later, even if it is only for a few months. Looks like you have great adventures ahead, though.