Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Today Dianne left us to go back home.  Why anyone would leave the high 70’s to go home to 4 degrees is beyond me.  As always we loved having her visit us.

The ladies in the park, and some men who buy for the ladies in the park, have been going crazy buying purses!

No, we’re not running to Penney’s or Kohl’s instead we’re chasing down the FedEx truck.  Remember the days of the Beanie Baby craze and grown women, and men, would chase down the UPS drivers to ask if they were delivering to the local stores new shipments of the stuffed animals and then they would proceed to follow the truck?  The same thing is happening here except its FedEx and the driver’s are asked, “Do you have Jane’s purses on board?”  Yes, that happened and we know it because those of us on the porch waiting for the FedEx driver heard him as he handed over the box with these words, “Here’s Jane’s purses.”  Jane asked how he knew what was in the box and he laughed and said, “Because everyone I’ve seen in here has asked if I had them.”  Next thing we knew cars were pulling up and women on bicycles and on foot were arriving.  The word was out, Jane’s purses had arrived.

By this day Jane had already had several deliveries and many of us didn’t even get to see what they looked like because they go  F-A-S-T!

So what’s it all about?  It’ about beautifully made, colorful, roomy purses made by women in Cambodia.  It’s called the byTavi Sewing Project. 

The team of women who sew these beautiful bags now totals 31.  When they started  they were sewing simple pillow covers but they learned quickly and were soon expanding their product line to include cosmetic bags, key chains and totes.  And of course the purses.

The byTavi Sewing Project keeps food on the table, kids in school and young girls protected from trafficking.  This program not only helps the 31 women involved in this project but their extended families as well.

So how did we get them here in Arizona?  Well, Jane has a contact in a church in Indianapolis, Indiana and they are shipping them to her, twenty or thirty at a time.  At least once a week and sometimes more.  They are gone as quickly as they arrive.


You’d better be quick to pick one out when they are displayed on the table.

I think this lady (above) was saying, “It was there, laying in front of me and I blinked and it was gone!”


Yep, she bought it!



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