Thursday, March 27, 2014

3/25-3/27/2014 Stick Making and Lots of Parties

(Arizona City, AZ)

You can always tell when the end of the season is getting near.  Every night of the week there are BBQ’s, happy hours, sit down dinners and something new for us this year,,,,a potluck dinner and dance,,,,in the street.

Here’s what it looks like when well over a hundred people gather in the street of your RV park for dinner.  Crockpots galore!

Every kind of salad you can imagine, every potato salad known to mankind, too many desserts to even try to count plus a BBQ slider and two pieces of chicken for everyone!






After dinner, we really needed to work off all we ate so the tunes were fired up by our very own Mr. Music Man, Lawrence.

A lot of us were wearing flip flops of some sort and trust me it isn’t easy to dance on a hard top road in flip flops!

There were tiki torch oil lamps set up for light and of course the street lights were there.  It made for a fun night and the call of the evening seemed to be, “Let’s do this again!”

I’ve written so much about the Wannadinger parties here that my friend Bonnie Larson and I, with the help of master Wannadinger maker, Warren Bennett, made our own sticks.  I’m going to put all the pictures in a tutorial on how to make them and with ideas for fillings.  Watch for it, you’ll want to make your own.

Our days are getting really nice now, think mid to high 80’s and afternoons are spent at the pool.  That certainly works for me!

Our purse lady has finally gotten the last of the shipments in and all totaled has sold 360 of them. It seems everyone here has one and I haven’t seen any duplicates yet!

An evening sky.


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Anonymous said...

wondering if those stick treats could be baked in an oven? with sticks that have been soaked in water. might have to try they look so fun!