Monday, March 3, 2014

3/3/2014 We’re Watching a Snow Storm

We are on weather alert.  No, we aren’t getting snow in the desert but the east coast is in for another round and Dianne goes home the day after tomorrow… the east coast.

Do we try to get her an earlier plane?  A later one?  Just hold tight and see what happens?  We decided on the latter.  We’ll just watch and if Philly starts canceling flights we’ll deal with it then.  Besides the weather man could be wrong.  He has been known to make mistakes after all.

We got caught up on laundry today so that Dianne wouldn’t have to deal with that when she returned home.

We have a very busy day planned for tomorrow and after all the walking we did yesterday we just kind of laid back and took it easy.

Dianne started gathering her things together to get ready to pack.  It will be easier to pack tomorrow night by doing so just in case we get home later than we expect to.

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