Monday, March 31, 2014

3/28-3/31/14 End of Season Party

(Arizona City, AZ)

My dear friend Bonnie Larson had an end of season party on Friday night.  It was open to the whole park,,,those that are left and there were probably about forty five of us.

Bonnie has a pretty large lot so it was easy for everyone to bring chairs and find a place to sit.





Everyone brought some kind of appetizer or salad or desert and Bonnie made a very large crock pot full of Sloppy Joe and she provided the rolls.



I love parties like this because you know everyone there and moving from group to group and picking up the conversation if effortless.

Bonnie and I had our Wannadinger sticks made and ready for this evening.   After everyone’s Sloppy Joe dinner had settled the charcoal was lit and everyone was ready to make another one or to make their first.

Ray, intent on getting his Wannadinger just right.


Peggy found that spinning it back and forth between her palms worked best.

Nancy didn’t waste anytime in getting hers ready, she had heard about the Wannadingers and couldn’t wait to try one.

Peggy was very pleased with her handiwork.


Deb had hers ready in no time!

It didn’t take us long to figure out that chairs around the fire pit were needed!


I don’t quite understand it,,,,but there’s that smile again!  All of the men have it!

We had different flavors of pudding, apple pie filling, cherry pie filling, fresh strawberries and sliced bananas to fill the Wannadingers with.

Bev anticipating her first ever bite of a Wannadinger.  She loved it!

See,,,,that smile again!



I put this picture of Hanne on our park’s Facebook page and got lots of favorable comments.  I don’t think it was so much the photographer as it was the subject.  Our friend Hanne.

Needless to say, it was a fun time with friends.  Good food, good weather, great people, how can you go wrong?

Saturday brought an afternoon at the pool.  Afterwards I went to Pastor Dale’s house as I had something to give him.  We celebrated his 75th birthday after church one day and I took pictures, of course, and I made a photo book of the occasion.  I also bought one of those birthday cards that gave all kinds of fun facts about the year you were born such as wages, average rents, cost of a new car, a stamp, gasoline, who was President, who won the World Series that year and on and on.  I filled in the pages with these fun facts.  Carole, his wife filled me in on all kinds of family history and I added that too.  He was quite pleased with this gift which in turn made me quite pleased.  These two are just the greatest!

Sunday brought our last church service for this season.  Before the service, about 55 joined together in the Cantina and had a pancake breakfast.  Can you believe it,,,I forgot my camera!  Al and Carol Winters made the pancakes and sausage and others in our little church brought fresh fruit or supplied the coffee or signed up to bring something easy, like I did, the paper plates and napkins.

I’ve taken on the responsibility of preparing everything needed for Communion.  As soon as I finished eating I set to task as it was being offered today.  It helped that I had set all the cups in place yesterday and I only had to get the juice poured and the bread set out today.

I have really enjoyed these Sunday mornings and am going to miss them this summer. Both the services,,,,and Pastor Dale and Carole.

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