Monday, May 12, 2014

5/12/2014 An ALL Day Shopping Trip

(Damascus & Abingdon, VA)

Our plan was to go into town to get a few things done and pick up a few things we needed,,,,and wanted.

First stop was the Post Office in Damascus.   Now you know you’re in a small town when the post office closes for lunch.

We were both waaayyyy overdue for haircuts and I desperately needed to get my nails done.  I had been nursing a split nail for a week and a half.  Male readers, don’t sit there and roll your eyes!  This is serious business here.

I had an address for a nail salon in Abingdon and on the way we passed a barber shop that was open.  The plan was to drop me off to get my nails done and Bob would drive back the 3 miles or so to get his haircut and then come back to get me.  When we arrived we noticed that there was a barber shop that had both an open and closed sign displayed so he would check that out and that there was a hair salon next to the nail place.  This was going to be one chore that would be dealt with quickly.  Or so it seemed.  

I found that it would be at least an hour wait and then figuring 40 - 45 minutes for a manicure, well, I just couldn’t ask Bob to sit that long in the truck and wait for me.  I went next door to see about getting a haircut but that was also a no go.  The lady explained that Monday was her special day and that she was leaving in the next five minutes.  I never did find out what was so special about her day. 

As I walked out of the shop I heard our truck.  Bob was at that stoplight waiting for it to turn green.  I yelled his name as loud as I could so he could hear me over the traffic.  He looked around and saw me waving frantically to wait.  So much for my nails and hair.

It seemed the closed sign was the correct one so we headed back to the open barbershop a few miles back.  Bob went in and I used the time for a nice chat with my mom on the phone.  Until the battery on the cell phone went dead.

Next stop was CVS to pick up a prescription and that went without a hitch.

K-Mart was next and I went in armed with my list of thirteen things.  Bob was going to sit in the truck but he was soon looking for me in the aisles.  Uh-oh, he found out that cell phone battery that went dead was in his cell phone!  He was a mission to find a car cell phone charger.  I finished up my shopping and went I got in the truck Bob pointed out that there was an OPEN hair salon in the shopping plaza.  I jumped right on that!

I got a great hair cut by a very personable young lady and since I’ll be getting at least two or three more haircuts while we’re here I got her card.  When I was done I went back to the truck and Bob asked if I noticed what was just two doors down.  I hadn’t.  A nail salon!  I’m on a roll now!  They could take me right away which made me a happy camper.  At least it started out that way.  I sat next to a very nice lady named Tammy and we struck up a conversation while our old nail polish was being removed.  Turns out she and husband are campers and have camped at Beartree a lot in years past.  I just meet the nicest people wherever we go.

Two hours and three nails tech later I was finally out of there.  I will go back to this shop one more time and I will NOT have the nail tech that did the majority of the work this time.  I could have spit nickels by the I walked out of there.  This is not going to be a good YELP review I hope to tell you.  Bob was also not a happy camper having to wait two hours for me either.

Final stop, Lowe’s.  After the day we put in this was definitely an in and out trip.  List in hand we moved quickly through the aisles getting what we came for and not taking the top to browse, which for our wallet is a good thing!

Dinner was Mickey D’s since it was now going on 7:30 pm and I sure didn’t want to go home and start cooking.

We got a lot done today, got everything we went for and yet it was the day from the hell in many respects.

We were glad to get home and kick back!

Back to work tomorrow!

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