Saturday, May 3, 2014

5/3/2014 Our First Week in Review

(Damascus, “out in the boonies” VA)

We’ve got one week, here on the mountain, under our belts now.  We are ….um…adjusting.  You don’t realize how much you come to depend on your phone signal always being there and hearing that sound that signifies a text message came in.  Of course when we get to town both of our phones go crazy with voicemail and text message notifications.  A welcome sound for sure.

Adjusting to life with out the Internet has been especially hard.  Bob says it doesn’t bother him but I know differently.  He hasn’t connected to the Internet since we’ve been here.  He often says that he would like to look something up online.  I on the other hand have.  Every. Day.  I need my Candy Crush fix.  I have to read my email.  I must engage in PM’s.  I simply cannot do without a Facebook session.  What if I missed something important in the forums I read?

I enjoy going to town.  Seven miles to people and traffic and stores and yes, a cell phone signal.  Fourteen miles to the big town.  I’m talkin’ Walmart here people!  And Target and K-Mart and Lowes and Home Depot.  I have never ever enjoyed home improvement stores as much as I do now and I'm usually a big fan of them anyway.  I’m practically orgasmic at the sight of the Golden Arches.

I have to admit the ride into town and back isn’t bad either.  Here’s our scenery for the good part of the way.

For my dear friend LaVon, I found you a dead tree girlfriend!  Actually, Bob spotted it first and said, “Look a LaVon tree!”   Hmmmm,,,,is that a good thing that we see a dead tree and automatically think of you?


I love my job here.  Its very quiet, not many people are coming through so I can spend my time on the computer, you know, catching up.  Playing games, emailing and crushin’ candy to my hearts content.

Bob has been busy with his job.  He’s been making sure the campsites are ready for the campers that won’t even arrive until the end of the month.

We’ve been to visit his sister Cathy and have started planning a family reunion to take place this summer.  On the way to Cathy’s we found the local VFW club.  Monday night the ladies on staff here will be going there to play bingo.  We’re all excited about a night out!

We’ve had one day that reached 80°, three that reached the 70’s and the rest we’ve been in the low 60’s.  Not Arizona weather by a long shot.

We have some new readers that I’d like to welcome.  Colleen Phipps and  William Massey, welcome to the journey.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

Do YOU come here often to read?  If so, please add yourself to the Frequent Reader’s in the right hand column.  Let me know you’re out there.

On the way to work today we saw this. 

This deer was just walking down the street and it wasn’t until we were just in front of it did it decide to walk up in the woods.  It wasn’t running, just nonchalantly taking its leave of the roadway.

Note to Bob B:  We have the same thing you do from Verizon and it does not catch a signal up on the mountain.  The trees are way too dense.  We're hoping we can still get a satellite signal for TV when the leaves on the trees get bigger.  I'm tellin' ya, we are in the boonies!  No one has ever gotten a cell phone signal on the mountain.  No matter what they have.  Lots of people have bought boosters and truckers antennas and this and that and it just do any good.  This is definitely a cell phone free area.

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