Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/18–5/22/2014 Not Much Going On

(Damascus, VA)

This past weekend was Trail Days so on our days off we didn’t even venture into town.  We had been forewarned not to even try it because of the crowds.  We were quite busy in the campground and the campers I talked to confirmed that it was crazy crowded in Damascus.

On Monday we did leave the campground and turned left instead of our normal right.  No reason other than we needed to explore the area.  An hour into our ride I was sorry for the left hand turn.  Twisty, winding roads, hairpin turns, can you see where this is leading?  Let’s just leave it that I was leaning towards the open window because the air helped.  I don’t care if we ever turn left again!

Well, I’m sorry to say that the little birds in the nest that I showed you in the last post have died.  All of them.  We’re thinking they froze to death.  We had one night on the mountain that the temperature dropped to a cold 33 degrees.  Mama bird isn’t sitting on the nest anymore because the birds are just too big, or maybe the nest is too small.  Whatever the case, she was only around to feed them.

It’s been cold here on the mountain.  Cold enough that we are running the heat, wearing sweats and any outdoor activities include a fire in the fire pit.

We are so looking forward to this weekend.  One of our kids is coming to visit with his family!  Jonathan, Brandi and grandkids, Evan & Jasmine, will be arriving.   It isn’t definite yet if they will come in Friday evening or Saturday morning.  I’m hoping for Friday evening!

We’re going to be pretty well jam packed this weekend with it being Memorial Day weekend.  The loop next to ours, the one with sites that can be reserved is sold out!  We’re taking requests for our loop with the understanding that you may or may not get the site you are requesting but that you will have a site in the end.  This campground works differently than any other we’ve been in, in that there are several sites reserved for just one night during a holiday weekend.  To us, that is unheard of.

We supposed to have to good weather so that is in our favor.  I’m off all weekend because I traded a four hour shift with Myra, my co-camp host.  She wants some time off in a few weeks so I’ll  work for her in return.  Since all of our camp sites will be full, or nearly so, Bob won’t have anything to do  so we’ll get t spend our time with Jonathan and his family.

Let the weekend begin!


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