Monday, May 5, 2014

5/4-5/6/2014 Our Weekend Off

(Damascus, VA)

Actually, this starts with our last day of work last week.  No particular reason, nothing happened that day out of the ordinary, it just keeps my dates in order.

Sunday we went to town.  I wish I could say it was good trip.  It wasn’t.  We didn’t get half of what we went for and we got into an argument over something really, really stupid.  Of course I can say that now, but believe me, it was monumental then!    Hey, that’s life.  Happens to all of us at one time or another.  Oh, and just so you know, he’s still wrong!

While we were in town I did manage to pick up some computer games.  I’m getting really bored with TV and I’m suffering through some serious mouse withdrawal.  So I got a Mah Jongg game which I’m enjoying, a Mystery Case Files game where I have to figure out whodunit.  I’m stuck already and I haven’t gotten through the contents of the first drawer where my first clues are.  I did find out that I can get online to get clues from forum members.  The third game I got is a find the hidden object game.  These will do but I’d much rather be crushin’ candy!

Monday was an absolutely beautiful day.  Warm and sunny, perfect for taking pictures.  Since I had to go down to the office anyway I grabbed the camera and headed to the lake.

Here’s the area where the bathrooms are and to tell you the truth I don’t know what this area is all for.


This is the lake.  I so wish I had come down earlier in the day.  There was no one here and I would have had the whole beach to myself.

The beach is quite nice.

There is a pier for the fisherman.

As you can see from the pictures above there are still lots of trees that have yet to get their leaves.

Walking paths.

Just had to take this one.

The picnic pavilion.


More trails to walk.


I am looking forward to spending some time on that beach!

Monday evening Edie, the park manager, Myra, a co-camp host, and I went to Laurel Bloomery, TN to pay bingo at the local VFW club.  This isn’t far from where we are at all, five miles maybe.

Bob and I stopped at this VFW yesterday when we were out only to find that this club is more church and bingo hall then a club for Veteran’s of Foreign Wars.  The bar was voted OUT over a decade ago.
Well, let me tell you right now, I am spoiled by Quail Run bingo prices!  You could have knocked me over with a feather when the man said, “That will be a 2 pack (of six cards each) for $20.00.”  I hadn’t even gotten the specials yet!  Each card for the special games were $2.00 each or three for five.

I did end up winning $14.00 and Edie won $120.00.  If the man sitting next to me had only bought 4 cards for the last game instead of 6 I would have won the jackpot of $750.00.  But.  He bought six and therefore he won it.  There was a TV showing what number was coming up and when he saw I-27 he started shaking.  It was the number he needed to win the jackpot!  I asked him if he was okay and pointed to the TV set and his empty space and I realized what was going on.  Then I started shaking!

It was a good time had by all and we were glad for a night out.

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