Friday, May 23, 2014

5/23/2014 Memorial Day Weekend – Day One

(Damascus, VA)

This is going to be one busy weekend!

Bob was very busy today as two dump truck loads of mulch were delivered to the playground situated between the two upper loops.  It took most of the day to get it spread.

The telephone in the campground rang off the hook during my stint.  Between answering the phone and checking in early arrivals my four hour shift flew by.  Somehow, I even managed to get three loads of laundry done too.  Non-stop I tell ya.

I even found a few minutes to call Bob’s sister, Cathy, to invite her and our brother-in-law to a BBQ on Sunday.

Bob picked me up at the end of my shift and we headed home to hang the clothes out to finish drying.   That done we headed to town to go to the grocery store to get some things in the for the weekend.

I called Brandi to find out what was going on as far as them coming in was concerned so that we knew what we were doing.  I was disappointed to learn that they won’t be in until tomorrow morning.  They are to leave very early so they should be here by 10:30 or so.  It will be a four hour drive from their home in Kentucky.

This campground loop, usually very quiet, was filled with the sounds of cars, dads telling kids to leave that alone, I’m not ready for it  yet, to kids yelling and laughing, wood popping in the fire pits, dogs barking and knocks at the door by campers who wanted to buy firewood from us. 

This is the first night that we had to make rounds in the campground in our golf cart.  There are certain rules that have to be followed, such as, cars must be backed into the sites, so we had to check on that.  We had to greet our campers and let  them know what site we are in, just in case they need something.  We had to do this at 6, 8 and 10.  I made the 10 o’clock round by myself because Bob was just too tired out from spreading the mulch all day.  Luckily, 99% of the campers were in their tents and everything was quiet.

Tonight can’t go fast enough for me.  Tomorrow morning,,,,family will be here!

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