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5/16/14 Wannadinger? or Biscuit on a Stick?

Wannadinger or biscuit on a stick?  That is the question.  I’ve heard of these delicious creations called both.  I have to agree with the one who coined the term Wannadinger that biscuit on a stick just doesn’t sound fun.

I’m going to show you how to make Wannadinger sticks and also give you ideas for fillings.

Materials Needed:

1” dowel, 48” long  ($3.57 @ Lowes)
1/2” dowel, 48” long  ($1.51 @ Lowes)  buy 8

(there is enough here for two sets)
Glue - I used Elmer’s Glue All   or wood glue

Mineral Oil – 4 bottles,  get this in Pharmacy dept. of grocery store or Walmart  ($1.29)

Tools needed:

Saw   I used a chop saw but a jig saw or circular saw will do too
drill and 1/2 inch drill bit
a smaller drill bit to start a pilot hole

(In a perfect world you will have access to a drill press, a vise, and a router)


Cut the one inch dowel into (eight) six inch pieces


Mark a dot in one end of cut dowel marking the center.  Have a friend hold the dowel.  If you have a vise, all the better.  Using a small drill pit, make a pilot hole.



Using the 1/2 drill bit put the point in the pilot hole and drill down 2 inches.  Your friend has to have a good grip on this and make sure you drill straight down.

Into the hole that you’ve drilled squeeze a small amount of glue.


Insert the 1/2 inch dowel and twist.  Set aside to let glue dry.

Sand the edge of the dowel end so that the edges are rounded.  Use a sander or router if you have it to smooth the edges.  Otherwise, some coarse sand paper.


Now its time to soak the sticks.   In a bucket pour enough mineral oil to cover the dowel and a few inches up the stick.  This will prevent the sticks from burning when held over the coals.  Let them soak for two or three days.


WANNADINGERS  -  or Biscuit on a Stick

You’ll need for a party of 8:

2 cans of Grands Biscuits  (Do NOT get the butter flavor, they just don’t work as well.)

Place a biscuit on the rounded end of the stick and gently work it down the dowel.

It may help to roll it back and forth between your hands.

Be careful not to get any holes in the biscuit.

Be forewarned that the men in your group will get this silly grin on their face when they pull the biscuit down over the dowel.


Start a medium bag of charcoal in your fire pit or BBQ Grill if you have a party of eight.  Use more charcoal for more people.
Hold the Wannadinger stick over the gray charcoal but be careful not to get it too close.  Keep turning your stick so as not to burn the biscuit.


After 8 to 10 minutes your biscuit should be nicely browned.  To test for doneness take a paper towel and gently hold the biscuit.  If it slides off the stick easily its done.


Now its time to fill them!

These biscuit treats can be filled for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.


Scrambled eggs & browned sausage & shredded cheese
Scrambled eggs & crumbled bacon & shredded cheese


Taco fixin’s, just layer everything in there.


Sloppy Joe topped with shredded cheese

Chili topped with shredded cheese

Beef stew


Make up vanilla instant pudding and chocolate instant pudding
cut up fresh berries,,,,(straw, blue, black, rasp)
pineapple chunks  (drained)
canned apple pie filling
canned cherry pie filling
canned whipped cream or Cool Whip  (optional)

Layer pudding with fresh fruit or pie filling until it reaches the top.  Iced tea spoons make this very easy.

Top with the canned whipped cream or Cool Whip

You can check out these blog posts to see more pictures of Wannadiingers being baked by charcoal, made and eaten.  You may have to scroll down the posts a bit as the Wannadinger parties usually happened after another or the at the end of an event.


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