Saturday, May 31, 2014

5/28-5/31/2014 A Nearly Empty Campground

(Damascus, VA)

After the Memorial Day weekend, with nearly all the sites taken, this seems like a virtual ghost town now.  For all intents and purposes the campground is empty.

The sites are all cleaned, what trash was left is picked up and everything is ready for the next time.

Paperwork is all cleared in the office as far as our departed campers are concerned.  There’s nothing to do at work except answer the occasional phone call, collect money from the locals who want to come in and fish in the lake for the day and get lots of computer time in.

The trees are fully leafed out now and that is causing a problem with our satellite reception for the TV.  We can’t get the High Definition channels at all now.  We decided to have the High Def box   switched out for a regular reception box.  Much to my dismay, Directv wanted to charge us just over a hundred dollars to make the switch and then we would have to pay that again when we wanted the HD channels back.  Uh,,,,NO!  There has to be another way I argued.  Once again I was put on hold while the customer service rep checked with the higher ups.  I was finally put through to technical support and was told to get the remote and I would be walked through the procedure.  I explained that I wasn’t in front the TV, that I couldn’t do that because we had no phone reception on the mountain.  Then I had to further explain what a fulltime RV’er was and that no we didn’t just take the boxes out of our house when we go on vacation.  It seems I go through this every time I have an issue with Directv.  There are too many of us out here for the employees not to  understand fulltime RV’ing.  I did end up getting the directions on how to disable the HD channels, but I played hell getting them!  It was easy to do, thank heaven!

We did have one fellow who came in to stay at the campground who uses a CPap machine at night.  He needed electricity so that he could re-charge the battery during day.  Since I was the one who took his phone call earlier in the week I told him to be sure to ask for Site 59 so that we could run an electrical cord to his site.  He was a very nice fellow and he told Bob that he would like to come back and bring his wife next time.  Bob told him to be sure to ask for site 59 again and we would set him up.  We hope they do come back.

Thursday afternoon it poured at the gate house.  It rained so hard that the raindrops were hitting the ground and bouncing back up.  Yeah, that hard.  Not a drop fell three miles up the mountain.  Not. A. Drop.

I enjoy the mountain when there is no one here.  Is that a horrible thing for a camp host to say?


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