Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/2014 Memorial Day Weekend – Day Four

(Damacus, VA)

Up and at ‘em at seven.  Jonathan was the only one up when I got up.  Within minutes Bob was up and about and getting coffee on to start the day.

Brandi and Jasmine slept in until eight.  Needless to say we used that time to wake up before Jasmine’s energy put everything in high gear.

After breakfast, more bubble blowing and a ride in the golf cart, Jasmine decided she wanted to go fishing.  We talked out of that and she settled for a trip down to the lake to play in the sand.



We decided to walk one of the paved walkways around the lake.

Then it was back to the beach for some serious sandcastle building and playing in the water.


A couple of kids further down the beach found a dead snake and of course Jasmine wanted to see it.  So Daddy and Jasmine took off for some dead snake viewing.


She didn’t seem overly impressed with it because she didn’t even mention it when they returned.

Back at the campground we started the chicken on the grill for lunch and got all the leftovers from yesterday out.  I wanted to send them on their way with full tummies.

Lunch was over way too soon.  After cleaning up and sitting around a little while longer it was time for them to pack up and hit the road.

Oh, how I hated to see them go.  Brandi and I have gotten very close this past year and I so enjoyed her company and appreciated all the help she was.  Of course its always wonderful to see Jonathan and I noticed his hug was a little tighter than usual which told me that he really enjoyed himself this weekend.

Jasmine, it was hardest of all to say so long to our little munchkin.  We both got big hugs and kisses from her. 

As Jonathan pulled away from the campsite he gave his usual, I love you and then I heard that little voice from the backseat,,,,I love you!

Perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Bob and I did a run around the campground loop a little after two in the golf cart and hit the mother lode with wood left behind by the campers.

By 4:30 I was in my robe and Bob was in his pair of comfortable old shorts that he wears around the house when he has no plans of going outside again.  We were tired but what a great weekend this was!

This weekend I learned there is nothing better than arms around your neck from a little girl who calls you Grandmom.

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