Saturday, May 17, 2014

5/17/2014 This Summer is for the Birds!

(Damascus, VA)

For the birds, not going to the dogs, unless, of course, this weather doesn’t change and then I may have to rethink that.  We’re still getting rained on and its COLD and damp.  I am longing for the desert!  Don’t get me wrong, we are enjoying the green but enough already with the wet stuff.

Birds.  It seems they are everywhere.  Of course we are surrounded by thousands and thousands of trees, we are in a forest after all, so it only seems right that we see lots of birds.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, this is not turning into a bird watching site!  The only birds I can readily identify are few.  Probably only the ones that everyone knows.  The robin, the cardinal, the blue jay, certainly an eagle and of course the pigeon and seagull.  Oh, then there is my favorite of all, the turkey, featherless, browned nicely, savored through two meals and sandwiches.

I was at the campground office the other day and heard what I thought was a puppy whimpering.  Turns out I was way off base and it was actually a nest full of baby birds.  So you don’t think I’m crazy, everybody else here also heard the whimpering puppy.

I don’t know what kind of birds these are, I just know they are noisy.



Bellies full,,,,nap time.


They are really crammed in this nest, there isn’t much room to move. II’m hoping one doesn’t fall out, or get pushed out.

While we not only have birds at at the office we have birds at home too.  Not this kind, hummingbirds!  We had seen them flying all around so when we went into town we had to buy some feeders.

Bob hung one from the tree right outside our dining room window.


He also hung one from our ladder attached to the back of the RV.


It didn’t take long until they found the feeders!





Can you count on seeing hummingbird pictures all summer?  Uh, yeah!

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