Friday, December 12, 2014

12/10–12/12/2014 Amazing People!

(Arizona City, AZ)

The decking of the halls has started.  Christmas trees are being put up in different places around the main building.

I couldn’t stay all the way to the end so I didn’t get pics of the finished trees today.

I’ve found a new game I just love to play!  Have you ever played Bunco?

Every Sunday, up to 24 of us play this face paced dice game in the card room in the Oasis.

If you ever get the chance to play I strongly suggest you do.   I won $9.00 the first time I played this year.

Bob has played golf a couple of times and spends his afternoons sitting outside with the guys in the neighborhood.  They drink their beer and solve all the world’s problems.  I hear an awful lot of laughing going on over there so I don’t know exactly know how many problems are really getting solved.

The fundraising is going gangbusters.  Residents are knocking on the door and handing over twenty dollar bills.  During the line dance class I made an announcement that whoever wanted me to stop buy later in the day to pick up their donation should color in their space on a map of the park I provided.  Needless to say spaces were colored in.

Later in the day, my neighbor Jodee, and I went riding slowly around the park to make the collection.  People who saw us go by their places soon came chasing us in their golf carts to give us money.  Twenties.  Nearly everyone is giving twenties.  We were handed one envelope and when we opened it we were shocked.  Not one twenty, six of them!  A $120.00 donation!  Another envelope held $50.00.  I was getting way more money than I expected.  Didn’t I tell you Quail Runners were generous?

A group of us went to Tumblweeds again to have dinner and to listen to Bunky sing.  This sure is an active season so far.

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