Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12/9/2014 Riders in the Sky

(Arizona City, AZ)

This evening Bob and I joined 19 other couples from Quail Run at the Pence Center for Visual and Performing Arts.  This is located at the Signal Peak campus of Central Arizona College.

We enjoyed the performance by Riders in the Sky.  We went to see their Cowboy Christmas Show.  It was very, very good and we really enjoyed.  Lots of songs we knew, lots of comedy, a good time for sure.

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During intermission one I got up to stretch my legs and to see what others from our park thought of the show.  We didn’t have assigned seats so we were pretty much spread all over.

While visiting with two friends from the park, one’s wife walked up and told her husband to give me some money for the family we were collecting for.  He opened his wallet and pulled out a twenty.  Following suit, the other fellow also handed me a twenty.  A few rows up on the second level another park resident watched what going on but couldn’t see the denominations of the bills I’m sure.  He walked down to the railing and leaned over to call my name.  He said he wanted to take care of his donation while it was on his mind.  Yep, another twenty.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was asking for fives but these caring, generous people were handing me twenties.

I nearly floated back to my seat when the house lights blinked.  This project certainly was starting out on a good note!

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