Sunday, December 7, 2014

12/1-12/7/2014 December Already!

(Arizona City, AZ)

December.  Last month of the year.  Christmas. Shopping.  Wrapping.  Shipping.  Baking. Parties.

All of the above is going on but normal everyday and weekly things are going on too.

Playing horseshoes for instance.  We had a new player this week.  Her name is Kim and she lives in the 5th wheel that backs up to ours.  Kim has never played horseshoes before.  Never.  Until today.  Now when Kim first started out she didn’t know where to stand or even how to hold the horseshoe.  She stood still and threw, walked up like she was on a bowling lane and threw, she stood near the edge and stood way back.  One time she threw completely over the pit.  We all ducked on that one. 


Then she changed sides and she hit her mark.  She started getting the shoes inside the pit and even close to the pole.  And then…..she got a ringer!

Oh yes she did!  She threw the second shoe.  We watched it sail through the air.  It seemed to be in slow motion.  CLANG!  Another ringer!  A six-pack!


Pretty as you please, two ringers.  All the rest of us got very excited for her and were yelling, “She got a six-pack!”  She looked at us and said, “What did I get?”  It had to be explained.

She was so proud of herself and rightly so.  I didn’t throw so well but that’s a story for another day.  Congratulations Kim!  (There goes my medal in our Winter Olympics)

Bingo also started this week.  Bonnie L. and run the bingo on Thursday nights.  It was planned that we would start in January when more people would be in the park but the ladies here were anxious to get started.  A list was made of all the ones who would play so that we made sure we would have enough to play and not lose money.

We have this rule that if you win three times in one night that that is grounds for a dunking in the pool.  Well, we had a three time winner.  We’re not showing her face here for her own safety.


This week we had the Craft Fair/Bake Sale and Luncheon.  It went very well with a great turn out.

Lots of jewelry, lots of knitted and crocheted items and these….fake cactus plants!

I’m hoping at the next one this lady is back because I didn’t have any money with me this time.  Sure, I could have gone home and gotten some but I’m keeping in mind that I have packages to ship in a few weeks and shipping isn’t cheap!  If I’m meant to have one of these she’ll be here again at the next one,  They sure were pretty and the best part is I can’t kill it!  I have no luck with cactus.

 One of the ladies in our park even wrote a cookbook.

Also this week our Angel Tree was put up.  The names of local children were provided by the local school district.  The surrounding area has some very poor sections and this gives the children a chance to get something for Christmas because its very likely they won’t otherwise.


Each slip tells you if it’s a boy or a girl, their age, what they would like to have and their sizes.

I picked out a little boy, three years old, who wants anything to do with Thomas the Train.  I have to admit, I know nothing about Thomas the Train but how hard can it be?

I looked at all the slips and was surprised that some of them, older kids, 15 & 16 were asking for IPads and computers.  Nah, that’s not gonna happen.  Those slips will hang there a long time I’m thinking.

Bob has been keeping busy around the house, and golfing, and going to the driving range, playing cards two nights a week and making weekly visits to the VFW club.

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