Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18/2014 Angel Tree Gifts Delivered

(Arizona City, AZ)

Today the Angel Tree gifts were picked up by Jackie Henkel, the coordinator of this project along with some helpers she brought with her.

Here is what our tree looked like with all the gifts around it.

Look at the picture above.  See the big square thing on the left hand side, towards the back?  That box holds a headboard and behind it is a twin mattress.  You see, one of the little girls asked for a bed for Christmas.  A bed.  Because of the generosity of our park, this little girl will now have a bed to sleep in.  I never did find out who bought this or if a few people pooled their money and bought it.  When its all said and done it really doesn’t matter, what matters is that a basic need, a bed, was provided.  Is this great or what?

You can see that some little girl is getting a new pink bike.

It was decided the easiest way to get the gifts, plus all the filled bags that are also waiting, into their vehicles is to pull up outside the window and hand everything through that way.

I was absolutely no help as I can hardly breathe and am just exhausted.  This job was going to take forever with handful of people available.  Suddenly there was a light bulb moment.  I recalled seeing several tables filled with ladies playing cards in another part of the building.    I walked over and asked them to take a 10 minute break from their game and give us a hand.  I thought I was going to get run over as they rushed past me to go help.






…..and then the bags.




It’s over.  Quail Run has done all it can to insure these children have some kind of Christmas.  Between you and me, these kids are going to have a great Christmas!

So here it is Thursday.  One week to Christmas and I still have six boxes to get in the mail to Delaware and Kentucky within six days.  Five if the post office isn’t shipping or working on Sunday.  I think I’m in trouble.  I happen to see Pastor Carole in the building and told her in our conversation that I hadn’t shipped my boxes yet and that I was afraid they wouldn’t get there in time.  She looked at me and said. “Snookie, you were doing God’s work.  He put that thought in your mind that you had to do something to help these families and rose to the call.  He will make sure boxes get delivered in time.  Besides, I’ll pray that they do too.”  I thanked her and went on my way.  I had to get to the post office.

At home I printed out the labels, got everything taped up and off I went.  I had two flat rate boxes that I knew would get to the eastern states in time.  I’m most appreciative of that flat rate.  It doesn’t matter how much it weighs it’s a flat rate.  Good thing because I asked much the heavier one would have cost if I was paying by weight and distance.  Sixty six big ones and change!  Oh yes, I am most appreciative!  The lady told me that she wouldn’t guarantee  they would all get there in time but it could happen.  I walked out of the post office feeling hopeful.

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